WWE Survivor Series WarGames Results

All the results from WWE Survivor Series WarGames!

In their final pay-per-view of the year, WWE presented Survivor Series WarGames at Boston's TD Garden. The show was centred around the first WarGames matches ever on the main roster and with the exception of the SmackDown Women's Title match, the event delivered. 

Check out everything that happened at Survivor Series WarGames below:

Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Alexa Bliss, & Mia Yim def. Damage CTRL (Bayley, Dakota Kai, IYO SKY), Rhea Ripley, & Nikki Cross - WarGames Match

Following an opening video package with Ozzy Osbourne, it was time for WarGames for the first time ever on the WWE main roster as multiple long-running rivalries boiled over into the match created by Dusty Rhodes. Damage CTRL have been feuding with Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch since SummerSlam, even writing Lynch off TV on the Raw after SummerSlam. IYO SKY and Dakota Kai then started feuding with Alexa Bliss and Asuka soon after. At the same time, Mia Yim and Rhea Ripley have their own issues through the Judgment Day vs. The OC programme, with Yim returning to WWE earlier this month as AJ Styles and co. looked to solve their Ripley problem. 

The match opened with Dakota Kai and Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair, with both competitors having competed inside WarGames before. After five minutes, the heels put their advantage to good use as IYO SKY entered the ring and the Women's Tag Team Champions quickly began to dominate Belair. We had the first botch of the match, though, as IYO SKY went for the Double Knees into Belair in the corner but she overshot a handstand on the ropes, accidentally getting stuck in between the ring and the cage briefly. 

Asuka was next in the match for the babyfaces and they enjoyed the next five minutes on top before Nikki Cross headed to the ring and introduced weapons, throwing garbage can lids and kendo sticks into the ring. The fans wanted tables but Cross did not oblige, generating boos from those in attendance in Boston, Massachusetts. Cross soon smashed Bianca Belair with a trash can lid before she whipped both the Raw Women's Champion and Asuka with her coat. 

Then, after much less than five minutes, Alexa Bliss made her way to the ring and went straight after her former tag team partner in Nikki Cross. Everyone then proceeded to batter each other with kendo sticks while Nikki Cross climbed to the top of the WarGames cage, simply waiting for her spot to fly from the top onto everyone inside the ring. 

Bayley was next to enter the fray and she received rapturous applause from the fans after she introduced tables and ladders (but no chairs, oh my!) to WarGames. After that, Mia Yim introduced trash cans to the ring, dominating Damage CTRL as she threw trash can after trash can at her opponents before a DDT on one of said-trash cans to Dakota Kai. The heels found themselves on top again soon after, though, after Rhea Ripley entered the match to give them the advantage for the final time. 

Then after all of that action, Becky Lynch entered the ring as WarGames finally officially got underway and The Man proceeded to unload on most of her opponents, which included decking IYO SKY with a Leg Drop after putting a trash can over the former NXT Women's Champion's head. Lynch then finally turned her attention to her fellow Four Horsewoman in Bayley. Rhea Ripley interrupted, though, and decked Lynch with Riptide for a near fall. Ripley was then blinded by the green mist from Asuka. The punishment continued for Becky Lynch too as Bayley hit her with a Rose Plant on the metal plate between the rings. 

Bayley had a rough landing soon after, with a Powerbomb from Bianca Belair in which she landed on her neck. IYO SKY then dived from the sky as she took out Belair and Mia Yim with a Moonsault from the top of the cage. Issues between Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss took centre stage next as the multi-time women's champion handcuffed herself to Cross and sent her crashing onto a trash can. Rhea Ripley then sent herself and Mia Yim through a ladder. 

This brought the match down to a face-off between Damage CTRL and Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch which soon descended into a brawl and Lynch hit a Manhandle Slam on Dakota Kai before Belair hit KODs on IYO SKY and Bayley. The former rivals then combined as Becky Lynch hit a Leg Drop from the top of the cage to Dakota Kai and IYO SKY through a table for the win!

Following the first match, a recap of SmackDown aired which highlighted Sami Zayn lying to Jey Uso about speaking to Kevin Owens on last night's show. After a brief discussion, Roman Reigns told Jey he would look into Sami Zayn's eyes to find out where his loyalties lie. Paul Heyman then called Sami Zayn to bring him to the Tribal Chief. 

AJ Styles def. Finn Balor

Former leaders of Bullet Club clashed in the second match of the night as Finn Balor and AJ Styles went one-on-one in singles action for only the second time in WWE. Finn Balor won their first match at TLC 2017 but would he come out on top five years later? The match took place as the feud between Judgment Day and The OC continued, with the heel faction having picked up the win in six-man tag action in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel. 

Both men had back-up at ringside with Balor flanked by Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio, while Styles had NEVER Openweight Champion Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. 

After some initial back-and-forth action, Finn Balor soon took control, methodically working over AJ Styles. Styles managed to fight back but he was chopped down by Dominik Mysterio when the referee was distracted. This caused issues between the two factions to boil over as Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, Mysterio, and Damian Priest ended up brawling through TD Garden. 

Later, Balor looked to add insult to injury as he went for a Styles Clash. Styles escaped and both men ended up on the mat following matching Pele Kicks. After more back-and-forth action and a smattering of near falls, Styles missed on a 450 Splash and Balor capitalised with a Shotgun Dropkick. Balor missed on the Coup de Grace, though, and he grabbed at his leg. Styles took advantage, applying the Calf Crusher, and Balor was about to tap out before he channelled his inner-Brock Lesnar and bounced AJ's head off the mat to break the submission. 

Styles hit the Phenomenal Forearm soon after, though, and pinned Balor for his first singles win on pay-per-view since October 2019. Both competitors shouted at each other after the match, signalling their issues likely aren't done. 

Ronda Rousey (c) def. Shotzi - SmackDown Women's Championship

In the third match at Survivor Series WarGames, Shotzi challenged Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women's Championship, earning the opportunity following a Six-Pack Challenge win on SmackDown. The programme became personal, though, after Ronda Rousey injured Shotzi's tag team partner Raquel Rodriguez and the SmackDown Women's Champion and Shayna Baszler laughed about it. 

Shotzi has had two matches with Ronda Rousey already in 2022, losing both matches in under nine minutes. Would she fare any better at Survivor Series WarGames? 

Ronda Rousey opened the match by applying an Ankle Lock and Shotzi managed to escape, following up with a Senton before The Ballsy Badass went for a Tope Suicida, only for Shayna Baszler to push her friend out of the way and take the move for Rousey. Shotzi devolved into idiot babyface-mode moments later, though, as she decided to kick Baszler off the apron. 

It appeared Rousey would have the upper hand but Shotzi fought back until Rousey reversed a Crossbody into a Hip Toss. Rousey then played with Shotzi's boots before the SmackDown Women's Champion applied a submission, telling Shotzi she doesn't care about her as "We want Sasha!" chants echoed around the TD Garden. 

Rousey then continued to dominate Shotzi but the former Blackheart caught the champion with a right hand. The challenger managed to capitalise eventually after Rousey botched taking a Tornado DDT on the apron, throwing both Rousey and Baszler into the first row and taking out a bunch of "fans" with a Crossbody. 

Back in the ring, Shotzi failed to capitalise and Ronda Rousey connected with a Hip Toss from the top rope. Shotzi kicked out but the champion hit Piper's Pit moments later before she locked in the Armbar for the submission victory. 

In the latest Bloodline drama, Sami Zayn admitted to Roman Reigns that he spoke to Kevin Owens on SmackDown, telling The Tribal Chief that he lied to Jey Uso because the WWE Tag Team Champion already has trouble trusting him. Zayn then noted that KO spoke to him, admitting that Owens told him he should turn on The Bloodline before The Bloodline turns on him. Zayn then looked into Reigns' eyes and told the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion he was with The Bloodline. A big smile came across Roman's face and the two men embraced to end the segment, although Reigns' expression changed to something darker. 

Austin Theory def. Seth Rollins (c) & Bobby Lashley - Triple Threat Match for the United States Championship 

A Triple Threat for the United States Title was the semi-main event of Survivor Series WarGames, with Seth Rollins' popularity once again on full display as the fans sang his entrance music after the match got underway. 

Austin Theory was taken out of the ring in the opening seconds following Clotheslines from both Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins. A brief scuffle between Lashley and Rollins then took place as Big Bobby tried and failed to apply the Hurt Lock before Austin Theory re-entered the action. 

Later, Theory tried to hit Lashley with a steel chair but The All-Mighty blocked it, eating a Diving Knee from Rollins for his trouble before the United States Champion threw Lashley into the steel steps. Theory then decked both of his opponents with the steps before he hit a Rolling Dropkick on Rollins for a near fall. Theory and Rollins then had an excellent exchange which ended with Rollins hitting a Senton over the top rope to the floor. 

Rollins went for a Stomp on Theory back in the ring but Lashley pulled Austin out of the way. Lashley then applied the Hurt Lock to Rollins, while Theory locked in a Sleeper on Lashley. Both submissions were soon broken and Rollins scored a near fall following a Pedigree to Lashley. Rollins missed a Phoenix Splash and Theory threw the US Champion out of the ring, capitalising with a Rolling Blockbuster to Lashley. Lashley managed to apply the Hurt Lock to the former EVOLVE Champion, but Theory rolled through, ala Bret Hart. Unlike at Crown Jewel with Brock Lesnar, though, the pin was broken up by a Frog Splash out of nowhere from Rollins. 

After Rollins and Theory tried and failed to hit the other's finisher, Lashley applied a Hurt Lock to both men. Theory and Lashley managed to escape and after more action, Rollins hit a Springboard Stomp to Lashley from Theory's back. Rollins' Superplex-Falcon Arrow combination was about to follow to Theory but Lashley speared Rollins out of nowhere.

Theory then fell on Rollins and covered The Architect to capture the United States Championship!

The Bloodline (Roman Reigns, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Solo Sikoa, & Sami Zayn) def. Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre, & The Brawling Brutes (Sheamus, Ridge Holland, & Butch) 

As tension within The Bloodline took centre stage, Roman Reigns and co. clashed with Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre, and The Brawling Brutes inside WarGames in the main event of Survivor Series. 

Butch and Jey Uso started out the match, with Michael Cole noting that Jey is dealing with torn ligaments in his arm. Butch went straight after the injured arm, stomping on it, before The Brawling Brutes gained the upper hand, with Ridge Holland entering the match third due to the babyfaces' advantage. Jimmy Uso was about to enter the match second but Roman Reigns stopped his cousin, ordering Sami Zayn to go to the ring. Sami did so but he took a long time getting into the squared circle as the fans in Boston chanted "Sami Uso!"

Sami did eventually get in the ring, stomping all over Ridge Holland. Jey grabbed Sami which allowed Butch to capitalise and hit a Quebrada, taking out both men. Drew McIntyre entered the ring next and Jey Uso and Sami Zayn were forced to work as a team to try and fight Drew. They, of course, failed and McIntyre dominated both men. Jimmy Uso was next in the match and he introduced three tables into the ring. Jey then tried to isolate Sami from Jimmy which caused a shoving match between Jey and the Honorary Uce. 

Next out was Kevin Owens (dressed in a tribute to Dusty Rhodes) who entered his second WarGames match with a pile of steel chairs. He immediately went after The Usos, taking out the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions with steel chair shots before a Cannonball and Swanton to Jey. KO then just started throwing steel chairs at The Usos before a confrontation with Sami Zayn was teased, only for Ridge Holland to grab The Great Liberator. KO sent Jimmy crashing through a table soon after with a Back Suplex while Drew McIntyre beat down Sami Zayn in the corner. 

Solo Sikoa was next to enter WarGames and he turned Butch inside out with a Clothesline before a Samoan Drop to Ridge Holland, as Roman Reigns smiled from the cage. Owens threw Solo Sikoa into the cage soon after but Sikoa no-sold it and he eventually sent KO crashing onto the metal in between the rings. Drew McIntyre then brawled with the man who cost him the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Clash at the Castle. 

While Sami Zayn initially tried to stop him by holding the door shut, Sheamus managed to enter WarGames by smashing the door into Sami's face. Sheamus hit a White Noise from the middle rope to Solo Sikoa just before Roman Reigns, WWE's undisputed top star, made his way to the ring. 

As the match got underway, both teams stood in opposite rings until the babyfaces launched themselves at The Bloodline. Reigns soon dominated the action and delivered a Superman Punch to Sheamus before The Celtic Warrior blocked a Spear and all of the babyfaces hit Beats of the Bodhran on their opponents, sending at least 80 clubbing blows echoing off The Bloodline's chests. Sheamus then decked Sikoa with a Brogue Kick but this only allowed Reigns to connect with a Spear. Butch flew across the ring to save the matchup!

After Sami Zayn screamed that Reigns was the tribal chief at Butch, Jey Uso went for a Superkick on Butch but he ducked out of the way, causing Jey to level Sami as the crowd called Uso an asshole. Jimmy looked on but he soon joined his brother and they hit a 1D to Butch for a near fall. Double Superkicks and a Spear to Ridge Holland through a table followed. Spinning Solo from Sikoa to McIntyre was next moments later before KO hit Sikoa with a Stunner. Roman Reigns broke up the pin which brought him face to face with KO, as they called back to their 2021 feud, going blow for blow until Reigns connected with a Superman Punch. 

KO countered a Spear attempt and hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb and a Stunner. He was about to win the match but Sami Zayn blocked the official from counting to three. Owens was disgusted by his friend and he asked if The Bloodline were Sami's family. Jimmy Uso looked to deck KO with a Superkick but Owens blocked it. Sami Lowblowed Owens, though, taking out the man who was the best man at his wedding, Michael Cole noted. After that, Zayn received a nod from Roman Reigns and he proceeded to deck Owens with a Helluva Kick, leaving KO as a sacrifice to Jey Uso, who hit an Uso Splash for the 1-2-3.

Sami Zayn had a choice and he chose The Bloodline. 

After the match, Reigns embraced Zayn before Jey Uso gave Sami the biggest hug he possibly could, with Survivor Series WarGames coming to an end with The Bloodline more united than ever. 

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