WWE To Add Live Events To WWE Network As Part Of New $15 Price Tier?

Starrcade and over 'house shows' set for the Network?

For anyone who has attended a WWE house show and knows what they are about, this story is sure to raise an eyebrow or two. According to PWInsider, WWE taped last night's Supershow live event in Boston, MA, "testing out a smaller, modified production crew who are filming the show without the company's usual production trucks." The same report claims that next month's Starrcade live event in Cincinnati, Ohio will also be filmed with a similar production crew, so what happened last night in Boston may have been a run-through for that event.

This test run of a different approach to production is apparently due to WWE considering adding a second price tier option for Network subscribers of $15 per month, with live events shown exclusively as part of that.

The idea of a second price tier for the WWE Network is nothing new, with rumours of it being introduced dating back to last year when the likes of ICW and PROGRESS Wrestling were allegedly on the verge of being added to the ever-growing library of content.

The reason for this story raising an eyebrow or two, in my opinion, is due to live events largely being the same for an entire loop - once you've seen one house show, chances are they'll be the same for a little while before WWE hits the refresh button. Also, what about those Kayfabe-breaking moments that occur on house shows from time-to-time that are arguably one of the bigger selling points for the live gate? Would they cease to exist anymore?

Whatever the decision, it's an interesting talking point as WWE could be on the verge of rethinking what we know a live event to be.

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