WWE UpUpDownDown Creators Reportedly Stop Making Content In Support Of Xavier Woods

Wood is reportedly making no money from WWE for the channel

Many of the content creators working with UpUpDownDown have reportedly stopped producing content for the channel as a sign of solidarity with Xavier Woods, who they believe is being taken advantage of.

It has been noted that UpUpDownDown - WWE's gaming channel on YouTube - has not posted many videos in recent times, and a new report from Fightful has a good reason as to why.

The report indicates that many of the names often associated with UpUpDownDown believe the channel's main host and developer, Xavier Woods, has been given a bad deal by WWE regarding the channel.

It has been indicated that Woods gets 'little to no' extra money from his hard work on the channel and most of it is applied to his downside guarantee in the company, with some even suggesting that he has 'not seen an extra dime' for his hard work in growing UpUpDownDown to a channel with over two million subscribers.

It was Woods himself who initially decided to stop posting content to UpUpDownDown in an effort to secure a more favourable deal for himself, something which shocked the other content producers as they had assumed that not only The King Of The Ring winner already had one in place, but was doing really well off of it.

Since this revelation, many other content creators have stopped making videos for UpUpDownDown in a sign of support for Woods, the man who they credit with pushing for their presence on the channel. 

It is noted that UpUpDownDown has always been owned by WWE and there was a lengthy process in getting the venture signed off in the first place. However, almost everyone in WWE is on Woods' side in the matter.

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