WWE's Zelina Vega: Why I Call John Cena 'The Puppet Master'

Vega faced Cena in a mix-tag team match two years ago

Zelina Vega has revealed she calls John Cena 'the puppet master' because of the masterful way he controls everything when he's in a WWE ring.

Vega worked alongside Andrade in a tag-team match against Cena and Becky Lynch in January 2019 and Vega, who returned to the WWE last month, has detailed her experience working across from the 16-time World Champion on that episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Speaking during a WWE Q&A ahead of SummerSlam, Vega said: "I have to say that was one of the most mind-blowing experiences ever. I call him the puppet master. He was able to control me, my partner, Becky, the ref, the audience. It was like he was playing an instrument.

"It was just so cool to see but also people in the back, you know, he’s always someone that you can approach for advice, someone that you can just kind of pick his brain, because he’s been doing this for so long and just has so much knowledge about how you can up your game, so it’s really important to have him around."

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