WXW Cuts Ties With Jay Skillet And Julian Pace Following Abuse Allegations At WXW Wrestling Academy

Brave men and women have been sharing their stories over the past week...

Over the past week, brave men and women have shared their stories of surviving abuse in the British professional wrestling scene and beyond through #SpeakingOut. 

In recent days, former students of the wXw Wrestling Academy have shared their stories and said they were emotionally and sexually abused by coaches at the school. A former student also said coaches would bully trainees and deliberately hurt them during training.

Following the allegations, wXw announced Julian Pace and Jay Skillet will no longer be part of the promotion or the wXw Wrestling Academy. The weekly series Shotgun was also suspended until July so segments and matches involving Pace and Skillet could be edited out. 

wXw wrote: "In light of wXw Wrestling Academy students stepping forward Julian Pace and Jay Skillet will no longer be part of wXw and the wXw Wrestling Academy. 

"We have six more episodes of wXw Shotgun 2020 filmed and produced. Both wrestlers have (bigger) roles during the series, one of them is part of three more matches and of the main storyline. We cannot feature either of them with a good conscience anymore.

"We thus will be suspending the weekly release of the upcoming episodes of Shotgun effective immediately. We will edit all episodes accordingly and take out any segments/matches involving either of wrestlers. 

"All remaining six episodes of Shotgun will be released in shorter, edited form in July. New release dates will be decided on once we have had time to digest this situation."

After his release, Jay Skillet tweeted: "I want to thank everyone who was supportive to me in the last ten years. I put close to every bit of me into this business and now it swallowed me. Time to move on. I am not out of this world. Just closing a chapter of my life. Stay safe."

Julian Pace is yet to comment on his release. 

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