The Young Bucks Want CM Punk For Bullet Club

In a new Rolling Stone interview, Matt and Nick Jackson also talk about whether they'll sign for WWE.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the Young Bucks talk about their attempts to convince CM Punk to return to wrestling - specifically as a member of their Bullet Club faction.

Matt Jackson stated:

'I talk to him a lot. I bugged him for like, I don't know, a year or two? I was really aggressive and at one point I realized that I should probably let him make his own decisions. He knows that there's an offer there and he knows that I'm the first phone call that he should make if he decides to get back into the business. He's told me that, he says when or if or ever he does decide to possibly get back into it, I'll be the first guy he calls.'

Punk is one of the few wrestlers whose return could change the landscape of the business, even (or perhaps especially) if it came outside of WWE. As seen by Chris Jericho's recent appearance in NJPW, a WWE-associated wrestler showing up elsewhere no longer means a step down in terms of importance.

Punk's infamous fallout with WWE resulted in him being fired on his wedding day in June 2014. He hasn't wrestled for any company since the Royal Rumble match that same year, but did sensationally announce his intention to compete in UFC - where he was convincingly beaten in the welterweight division by Mickey Gall.

The Bucks also spoke about the likelihood of WWE wanting to sign them, with Matt again stating:

'What's so funny is that, only in pro wrestling, can a company threaten legal action on you, but then probably offer you a job a year later. Of course [WWE] is interested. They'd be interested in just taking us just so New Japan and ROH doesn't have us. In no other business would that be a thing.'

Although he seems pretty confident that WWE would want to sign himself and is brother, his words don't seem to imply that the Bucks would be interested in doing so. With Bullet Club's transcendent popularity and merchandise sales on the indie scene, it's easy to see why.

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