Seth Rollins Says WWE Locker Room Is Professional, The Same Issues Won't Occur With CM Punk

Seth Rollins believes the world of WWE won't let controversy occur with CM Punk

Seth Rollins hasn’t been shy from talking about CM Punk, even since his return to the company at the 2023 Survivor Series event. Rollins has both lambasted Punk and thanked him for the help he offered in the past, being very open and honest with his views. 

Rollins spoke to Sports Illustrated about Punk, and said that despite issues taking place somewhere else, it wouldn’t happen in WWE due to the professionalism of the locker room. 

"It's never gonna get to that point. If anything goes south the way it did anywhere else, it's not ever gonna get to that point. This locker room is a bunch of professionals ... I don't want to go too far into anything else, but it's just not gonna happen over here and there will be a line drawn in the sand. Everything is gonna be A-okay in WWE land — I'm feeling very good about that." 

Whether this is a sly dig at AEW being “unprofessional” or not isn’t fully clear, but either way Rollins believes the WWE environment isn’t the place for backstage fights and a repeat of history for Punk in AEW to happen. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly