WWE To Debut 'Drive To Survive' Type Series On Netflix

'Drive To Survive' type series on WWE to air on Netflix

Further details about WWE's upcoming partnership with Netflix have been revealed.

Speaking at the JPMorgan Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference on May 20, TKO COO Mark Shapiro revealed that WWE will be producing "a lot of ancillary shoulder programming" for Netflix, including a docuseries akin to Drive To Survive and other documentaries.

Drive To Survive is a docuseries on Netflix focused on Formula 1. The series has been credited with the huge rise in Formula 1's popularity around the world, in particular in the United States, and saw F1's TV deal with ESPN rise by $90 million annually. 

WWE inked a deal with Netflix earlier this year that will see Monday Night Raw air on the streaming service in the United States from January 2025. The deal has major implications internationally and all of WWE's programming and library will be available on Netflix in international territories, including the United Kingdom. 

WWE's deal with Netflix is for 10 years and $5 billion, although Netflix has the option to extend the deal by a further 10 years or end it after 5 years. 

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