10 Best Halloween Havoc Matches

No tricks, only treats.

A staple of World Championship Wrestling and later WWE NXT, Halloween Havoc has featured several excellent bouts over the years.  

Not every match was the treat we'd hope for, but we've got a few that are far from tricks. Hopefully reading about 10 certified bangers from Halloween Havocs of the past will whet the appetite for the night of spooky festivities that is to come. 

10. Ric Flair & Sting Vs. Arn Anderson & Brian Pillman (1995)

Halloween havoc 1995 sting arn anderson brian pillman

It's been said time and time again, but Sting really was too trusting, wasn't he? 

Flair had been bickering with Anderson leading up to this and, after Pillman interfered in their match at Fall Brawl, the Nature Boy asked Sting for help and Sting, being the sweet, gullible man that he is, agreed. 

However, earlier in the night, viewers were informed that Slick Ric had been attacked backstage and that his participation was in jeopardy. 

And so what we basically got was a glorified handicap match, with Sting taking on both Double-A and the Loose Cannon, until Flair came out in slacks and with a huge bandage on his head. 

They built and built the hot tag beautifully and, when Ric finally tagged in, the crowd went nuts...

...only to turn silent mere moments later, as Naitch instantly (and hilariously) turned on his partner. 

The bulk of the match was just dandy, as you'd expect, but the reveal and post-match beatdown and promos were exceptional as the Horsemen were finally back up and running. 

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