10 Scariest WWE Moments

Scenes even more blood-curling than current WWE booking!

Happy Halloween, readers!

To celebrate this most spooktacular of holidays, we're going to look at ten of the scariest moments in WWE history. 

That's not 'scary' in the way of a nasty injury or other serious situation that has fans fearful, but rather in storyline terms. 

And while we've been introduced to the likes of The Boogeyman, Papa Shango and Gangrel over the years, it's not always these otherworldly personas that are responsible for scary moments. 

The scariest moments in WWE have usually been things that play on our fears or phobias, like being buried alive, set on fire, bitten by a snake or sacrificed by a satanic cult leader. 

You know, things like that. 

10. Big Daddy Ghoul

Diesel casket

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Diesel and The Undertaker's 1996 feud wasn't an all-timer or anything, but it certainly had its moments. 

The Deadman emerging from a hole in the ring during Big Daddy Cool's WWE Title match with Bret Hart at In Your House 6 was great, and the eventual match at WrestleMania 12 was a worthwhile brawl. 

The most memorable moment of their programme, however, involved some of The Phenom's trademark supernatural shenanigans. 

A couple of weeks before their showdown at the Showcase of the Immortals, Diesel was wrestling Barry Horowitz on Raw when his attention was drawn to a casket being delivered to ringside by Paul Bearer. 

Most assumed that 'Taker would be waiting inside, but when Diesel (after winning the match) took the lid off it and pulled back the plastic he was met with his own image. 

It was a shocking reveal and a great piece of trickery, as WWE spliced in a pre-recorded closeup shot of Kevin Nash himself laying there and made sure not to show the dummy. 

Diesel's frightened reaction sold the ominous warning wonderfully. 

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