10 Forgotten WWE Intercontinental Champions

Perhaps we should call them 'Test runs'?

It's been over 21 years since Test won his first and only Intercontinental Championship, beating Edge on Raw. 

The lanky Canadian was a former European, Tag Team and Hardcore Champion at that point, but the IC strap was typically reserved for people the company had bigger plans for. 

'Typically' being the key word here. 

Because Test lost the title back to Edge just thirteen days later at Survivor Series - which was the official end of the Invasion storyline - in a match that unified the Intercontinental Title with the WCW United States Championship. 

Test managed to squeeze in a successful defense against Matt Hardy in between winning and losing it. 

It was a pointless reign bereft of any highlights and, as a result, Test ranks as one of the least memorable Intercontinental Champions ever. 

He's not alone when it comes to holding what has typically been viewed as WWE's second-biggest singles title, of course. Not everyone can be a Randy Savage, Chris Jericho or Bret Hart, as much as they would like to be. 

There have been, to date, 87 different Intercontinental Champions in the belt's long and illustrious history, but you might have trouble recalling some of these less-than-stellar titleholders. 

10. The Godfather

The godfather intercontinental champion

During the height of the Attitude Era, the Intercontinental Title began to lose a little bit of its lustre. 

It was no longer the 'worker's title', the belt put on those with reputations for routinely delivering gripping bouts between the ropes. It was passed around with alarming frequency because whoever was writing at the time must have felt like the belts were just props, bro. 

That's how the IC strap found its way across the waste of The Godfather, everyone's favourite pro-wrestling pimp. 

The Godfather was a great character and was seriously over, but he didn't need the Intercontinental Title. 

His schtick wasn't great matches (although in this era those were few and far between anyway), it was catchphrases and signature spots. He was in many ways the perfect opening match act. 

I mean, there was no chance The Godfather was going to use his time as IC Champion as a stepping stone to the WWE Title, was there? 

He won it in a short, forgettable match against Goldust on the April 12, 1999 episode of Raw and lost it to Jeff Jarrett on the edition of the show that aired on May 31. 

On television, Godfather defended the title against Hardcore Holly, Goldust, Jarrett, The Blue Meanie and Road Dogg. Few of those passed the five-minute mark. 

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