10 Best WWE Bodyguards

It has been 28 years since WWE became 'Diesel powered'...

June 6 marks the WWE debut of Kevin 'Diesel' Nash, who powered his way into the company on this day in 1993. 

Now, the first time most WWE fans saw him was actually June 7, when he strode out alongside Shawn Michaels on an episode of Raw, but he actually made his first appearance the night before at a non-televised house show, just days after working his final WCW match. 

The arrogant, loudmouth Heartbreak Kid made good use of Big Daddy Cool over the ensuing months and years, as Nash played the role of protector about as well as anyone before or since. 

Eventually, Nash began to grow in popularity, to the point where he was getting stronger reactions than the man he was supposed to be supporting, leading to a split and feud. 

For Nash, his rise to the top of the card and the WWE Title was completely unexpected, but well deserved for the way in which he managed to both improve as an act and get over with the audience. 

The bodyguard role is often an unheralded one, but there have been many very effective bodyguards throughout WWE history and hired guns can on occasion go on to become world champs. 

To mark the debut of Big Sexy, I'm going to look back at ten of the best (besides Diesel). 

And if you don't like what I write, I'm more than happy to introduce you to my new seven-foot, leather-wearing pal 'Steel'...

10. Batista

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When Batista was learning the ropes down in WWE developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling, OVW booker Jim Cornette boldly predicted that the man who wrestled as Leviathan would, sooner than later, headline a WrestleMania. 

Big Dave got there, of course, but his introduction on WWE television didn't exactly suggest that the company had such grand plans or hopes for him. 

Enlisted as the muscle of the crooked Reverend D-Von, Deacon Batista basically had to stand there and guard the rev's collection box, which was secured around his neck by a large chain. 

It wasn't a great gig, by any means, but it was a start and Batista did well in the role. He looked imposing (even if they did cover up his impressive physique with a suit) and, even though he only had a few things to do on any given show, he typically did them well. 

D-Von and Batista weren't pushed too strongly as an act and it didn't take long for Dave to start arguing with his boss, eventually leading to a breakup and match, which Batista won. 

Following that, he was traded to Raw and soon joined up with Evolution. 

He wasn't a bodyguard anymore, per se, but definitely an enforcer type that acted as the group's muscle, before he began to catch on and outgrow leader Triple H, much in the same way that Diesel had with Shawn Michaels years earlier. 

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