CM Punk's A-List Wake-Up & Chelsea Green's Playboy Past: Ten Things You May Have Missed In Wrestling This Week

Another week, another Monday night nadir...

I don't think I'm being controversial when I say WWE Raw is, well, pretty bad these days. 

It has been steadily decreasing in quality for some years now, with the COVID-19 pandemic and move to the Thunderdome seemingly accelerating that process. 

There have been some terrible matches, promos and segments of late, but what happened between Shayna Baszler and Alexa Bliss in the last segment of this past Monday's episode may very well be the absolute worst of all-time. 

And think of the ground that covers. 

Katie Vick, Mae Young giving birth to a hand, 'Rosie' versus 'Donald', Dr. Heiny, Trish Stratus barking like a dog - all of them awful, yet somehow not as cringe-worthy as whatever the hell that was. 

It shouldn't come as a surprise that this sort of stuff still sees air, since this week former WWE writer Matt McCarthy spoke about how Vince McMahon would bring up Katie Vick as a piece of misunderstood genius many years after it was unfortunately unleashed on the world. 

I mean, really, what can you even do? 

Well, you can try and take your mind off the depressing deterioration of WWE's flagship with this week's Ten Things You May Have Missed. 

It'll put a smile on your face, pal. 

10. Protecting The Game

Lance cade trevor murdoch 2008

First up this week, we've got a story that comes from Trevor Murdoch via Cultaholic's own Tom Campbell. 

The former World Tag Team Champion was a guest on Desert Island Graps this week, talking about his career, NWA Title match with Nick Aldis and, naturally, the three matches he would take with him to watch if he was stranded on a desert island. 

It's a fascinating listen and well worth going out of your way to check out, if you haven't already. 

Trevor told many interesting stories, including one about Triple H asking him and his partner Lance Cade for backup, should a potentially volatile situation occur at a WWE house show. 

This was during the time period that the New Age Outlaws, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, had a lot of heat with The Game, blaming him for their WWE departures years earlier while talking trash about him in public forums.

This particular house show was taking place in the same town that the Outlaws were booked for an autograph session, and there were rumours that they could hijack the WWE show, hop the barrier and attack The Cerebral Assassin. 

Murdoch and his partner received their instructions, should that occur, from the locker room leader himself: 

“The problem with that is, as soon as those guys came through the crowd, people would have popped because they'd have thought it was part of the show. 

As soon as they saw those guys climb over the railing and begin kicking the sh*t out of Hunter, they would have thought it was part of the show so nobody would have done anything. Hunter would have just been by himself trying to fight off two guys, and people would have thought: 'Oh look, this is so cool!'.

So Hunter tracks me down and goes, 'Where's that partner of yours? I need to talk to you both. We're expecting some kind of grand advice about our match but he goes,'Are you two watching my match tonight?'. We're young guys so we're telling him of course we're watching his match, we watch him every night.

'I want you guys at the curtain and I want you watching my whole match. The minute you see those guys, you hit that f**king ring, and you proceed to start kicking their f*cking ass'".

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