10 Best WWE World Champion Vs. World Champion Matches

Battle of the belts!

Today marks the thirteen years since SmackDown debuted on MyNetwork TV.

On October 3, 2008 WWE presented their first episode of the blue brand on the station, having moved over from The CW. 

As they typically do in these situations, WWE loaded up the card for the debut with matches featuring not just SmackDown wrestlers, but those from Raw and ECW too. 

The main event was a triple threat match featuring the world champions of all three shows, long before BRAND SUPREMACY became one of WWE's primary character motivations. 

It was done, obviously, to help draw a big rating for the first show of the MyNetwork TV era. WWE aren't in the business of having their world champions wrestle each other too often or on a whim, and typically if they're in the ring at the same time it's either to help with ratings or as a featured attraction on a pay-per-view. 

There aren't too many to choose from, but these are probably the ten best meetings between WWE world champions, whether they be WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, Universal Champion or ECW Champion. 

Ready? Champion! 

10. Triple H Vs. Chris Jericho Vs. Matt Hardy - SmackDown (October 3, 2008)

Chris jericho triple h matt hardy 2008

And so we start with that aforementioned world champions triple threat match, as the MyNetwork TV era of SmackDown started with a bang. 

Headlining the show was WWE Champion Triple H taking on World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho and ECW Champion Matt Hardy. It was non-title, naturally. 

Three dependable veterans who had good chemistry with each other, it was never going to be anything less than good and was absolutely the best thing on the show. 

Triple threats are often a hard dynamic to get right, especially when the babyfaces outnumber the heel, but they made it work here. 

The action was fast and furious and the psychology tight, as they alternated between combinations and also did many spots involving all three competitors. 

In the end, it turned into a finisher-and-counter-fest, ending with The Game hitting the Pedigree on Hardy for the win. 

The post-match scene with a ladder, Jeff Hardy and Vladimir Kozlov getting involved was also very exciting and helped hype up No Mercy, which took place two days later. 

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