10 WCW Wrestlers You Don't Remember

A British wrestling legend and more

One of British wrestling's most famous products, the enormous Giant Haystacks was a mainstay of the World of Sport programme that drew millions of viewers to ITV once upon a time. 

He, along with equally massive partner-cum-enemy Big Daddy, were household names in the United Kingdom, but Haystacks also made it to other, more distant shores. 

He worked for Stampede Wrestling in Calgary, did a tour for All Japan and even, right at the very end of his career, showed up in WCW. Renamed Loch Ness, Haystacks was brought in as a member of the Dungeon of Doom for a month in early 1996 and wrestled a handful of matches, including his last ever against The Giant at that year's disastrous Uncensored pay-per-view. 

After that he retired and, sadly, passed away just a couple of years later at age 52. 

Reminiscing about the short and bizarre run of Loch Ness got me reminiscing about some of the other forgotten wrestlers of WCW. And so now you must suffer, too. 

10. Firebreaker Chip

Wcw special forces todd champion firebreaker chip

Early 90's WCW was a real mishmash of good and bad. 

Some of the wrestling was truly exceptional, but a lot of the gimmicks were duds and showed why the company was in such a rotten slump before Eric Bischoff took the reigns in the middle of the decade. 

One of the many crap tag teams from that time were the WCW Patriots, which comprised of Todd Champion (Gulf War veteran) and Firebreaker Chip (fireman). 

Chip was portrayed by Curtis Thompson, a compact ball of muscle who had been working for a few years on the independent scene and in Puerto Rico. As part of the gimmick, he wore a fireman's helmet and looked every bit the low-rent Chippendale with his greased-up physique and suspenders. 

Special Forces had a couple of feuds with the the likes of the Fabulous Freebirds and Young Pistols, but didn't achieve much success. Their biggest match was probably their (unsuccessful) Tag Team Title match with The Enforcers at Halloween Havoc '91. 

One of the most notable aspects of Thompson's WCW run was not anything that happened in the ring, but his backstage fight with Diamond Dallas Page at a house show. 

He left WCW in 1993 and went on to wrestle for Smoky Mountain Wrestling. 

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