10 Forgotten Wrestling War Moments

These are 10 forgotten wrestling war moments

A good old-fashioned wrestling ‘war’ tends to bring out the best and worst of companies, as they battle for supremacy and, in many cases, their professional lives. 

In the heat of battle, every minor inter-promotional incident can get put under a microscope but, once the dust settles, some things tend to be consigned to history as a ‘grand scheme of things’ approach takes hold. 

Well, we say sod the grand scheme of things! Let’s open old wounds, examine past beefs and look at the contentious on-screen and backstage moments that are too interesting to be mere footnotes. 

These are 10 forgotten wrestling war moments.

10. Paul Heyman sues WCW

Paul e dangerously wcw

As the proud owner of Extreme Championship Wrestling, Paul Heyman had to deal with his fair share of lawsuits. 

But Paul E. Dangerously – himself the son of a lawyer – was also far from afraid to litigate. It didn’t matter if you were a feared bully with an earned rep for not giving a toss about much of anything, as displayed when he sued Bill Watts and WCW after the new booker allegedly made some pretty antisemitic comments towards the manager. 

Watts didn’t like Heyman and made sure that the New Yorker knew about it. Far from an isolated incident, The Cowboy reportedly lashed out in an uncouth way on several occasions prior to Paul’s dismissal. 

Heyman retaliated by suing his former employer for wrongful termination and ethnic discrimination. 

The suit was settled out of court, with Heyman supposedly earning enough to fund the running of ECW. 

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