10 Famous Match Stipulations Never Used By WWE

WWE didn't fancy using these 10 famous match stipulations

WWE has come up with some incredible match stipulations over the years in the Royal Rumble, the Elimination Chamber, and Money in the Bank.

Sometimes, the company borrows ideas from other places, as we’ve seen recently with the introduction of WarGames on the main roster. However, the following stipulations may have proven popular in other promotions, but have yet to make an appearance for WWE (and may never do so in fact).

These are 10 famous match stipulations NEVER used by WWE. 

10. Triple Cage Match

Wcw triple cage

Anyone who has seen the WCW tie-in movie Ready to Rumble will know that a triple-decker steel cage is used during the final act. Well, that’s if anyone has ever made it to the end of that film. Whilst Jimmy King may not be a real wrestler, the Triple Cage Match is most certainly a real stipulation. 

At 1988’s Great American Bash, two teams of five wrestlers were put into a “Tower of Doom”, a match that could only be won by climbing down through all three cages to the floor. At Uncensored 1996, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage defeated eight heels in the so-called “Doomsday Cage”, which was so bad we wish the world really had ended.

Then there was the main event of Spring Stampede 2000, a triple threat triple cage match between Jeff Jarrett, Diamond Dallas Page, and reigning world champion… David Arquette. 

WWE have never attempted to use three cages at once, presumably because they saw those last two WCW matches and were scared off. The closest they ever got was when they surrounded a regular cage with the Hell in a Cell at Unforgiven 1999 (for the infamous Kennel From Hell). 

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