10 Current WWE Stars Once Saddled With Terrible Gimmicks

These are 10 WWE stars who were given awful gimmicks

WWE are currently experiencing a bit of a renaissance where it feels like everything is firing on all cylinders. 

The crowds are huge, the storylines are inspired and the vast majority of the roster seems to have a firm grasp on their characters and creative direction. For a fair few of them, it wasn’t always that way, since under a previous regime they were tasked with trying to pull off some impossibly shoddy personas. 

These are 10 current WWE stars once saddled with TERRIBLE gimmicks. 

10. Drew McIntyre

Drew mcintyre 3mb announce tablew

The brooding, ultra-serious, so-called Scottish Psychopath has been one of WWE’s most consistent performers since returning to the company’s main roster in 2018. 

It has been quite the startling turnaround, because Drew McIntyre’s WWE career was going nowhere fast when he was deemed expendable in 2014. 

The man once dubbed ‘The Chosen One’ by Vince McMahon himself had been considered a future WrestleMania main-eventer and world champion, but lost his way and wound up playing second fiddle to Heath Slater in the Three-Man Band group. 

3MB were a fun stable and had their moments, yes, but it was a midcard gimmick all the way and had a very obvious shelf life from the get-go. 

McIntyre never looked completely comfortable goofing off and playing air guitar in those leather pants and there is a reason WWE rarely brings up this period of his career. 

Reflecting on his time as a rockstar ripoff years later, Drew admitted that it was a somewhat mortifying experience, though did concede that it showed him to take things less seriously sometimes and credited it with getting him to move out of his comfort zone. 

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