10 Ridiculous Reasons WWE Stars Had Backstage Heat

You won't believe these ridiculous reasons for WWE backstage heat

If there’s one thing you don’t want to get backstage in WWE, it’s heat. In wrestling, heat can do everything from cancel your push to get you hauled into wrestler’s court to, in extreme cases, get you wished the best of luck in your future endeavours. 

Sometimes heat can be warranted and there are plenty of examples of WWE stars doing themselves no favours with the way they conduct themselves. There are also plenty of other occasions where the source of the heat is, quite frankly, preposterous. 

These are 10 ridiculous reasons WWE stars had backstage heat. 

10. Giving a writer an action figure

Edge christian 2000

Wrestlers trying to court favour with the writers, bookers, road agents, and other influential backstage personnel is a common occurrence. While not all WWE stars do it, everyone from the main eventer to the lowest jobber can be guilty of playing politics in this way. 

Bob ‘Hardcore’ Holly believed he had caught Edge and Christian red-handed when he witnessed the tag team not only socialising and having a laugh with writer Brian Gewirtz, but giving him a gift, too! Soon after Holly watched E&C hand Gewirtz a Flash action figure, the Canadian duo were hauled into wrestler’s court along with the scribe. 

Edge and Christian were tipped off about their court date in advance by Kurt Angle and thus had time to prepare a humorous defence – complete with props, such as a mocked-up book titled ‘Edge & Christian: How To Kiss Ass, Our Road to the Top’ – which quickly got them off the hook. A case of beer for the APA, a bottle of Jack Daniels for The Undertaker and a tub of protein powder for Holly later and the charges were dropped. Poor Gewirtz, on the other hand, had to sit there and take it as the locker room verbally raked him over hot coals.

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