10 Things You Didn't Know About WWE's Drew McIntyre

The Claymore Kick was a happy accident?!

Back in 2014, Drew McIntyre was released from WWE as something of an afterthought. Despite having the look and build of a main event star, as well as genuine in-ring talent and a brooding charisma, he'd slid further into sports entertainment oblivion, after a hot start five years earlier. Going from being "The Chosen One" per the story, to being one-third of a punchline stable that gasped for airtime, is quite a mighty fall.  

When McIntyre got the axe, there was a little lament, but not a lot of shock. Today, it's hard to to fathom any promotion letting McIntyre slip through their fingers, as main roster Drew McIntyre carries himself on camera like a self-imposed Chosen One, a fearless warrior with no remorse and even less regret, holding his own with the best and 'beastiest' on the WWE roster.  

And with that image comes plenty of support, as fans across the globe that may have once dismissed McIntyre in his earlier decay see him as the star that he has all the tools to be. Certainly, continued greatness awaits "The Scottish Terminator".  

And with McIntyre on his way to WWE's pinnacle and that match against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36, there's no better time than now to take a look at one of pro wrestling's best comeback stories over the last decade.  

10. Official Matters

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Like you and I, Drew McIntyre was big into wrestling as a child, acting out matches with his younger brother John in order to try and figure out how all of these complex manoeuvres worked.  

But wrestling was not McIntyre's only hobby, though it would be the one that he'd put his mind toward when it came to building a career. Another one of McIntyre's interests came in the form of unclassified information. As a lad, McIntyre used to a read a magazine called X-Factor, which told of conspiracy theories, ghost stories, and other macabre matters.  

When he was 10 years old, spurred by his unorthodox curiosities, McIntyre actually wrote to the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the Freedom of Information Act, and in return, was sent a file with several documents. Why? Well, McIntyre's father wanted to know the same thing, wanting to know why the FBI in the United States was sending him things in the mail. McIntyre's response to his incredulous father: "Because I asked for it, Dad."  

If one of those documents includes the recipe for how to make WWE Ice Cream Bars from home, we're hoping Drew shares it with us.  

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