5 Strangest Locations For Professional Wrestling Matches

How do these locations stack up against the prospect of WrestleMania 36 at an empty Performance Center?

As Jim Morrison once sang, "Strange days have found us. Strange days have tracked us down." The entire planet has been turned upside down in light of the pandemic, and professional wrestling has clearly not been immune to drastic change. As it stands right now, WrestleMania 36 will air in unprecedented form, a two-night event from WWE's unattended Performance Center, with word that several matches could be taped beforehand from alternate locations.

It's hard to imagine WrestleMania taking this form, but that's the lay of the land in these tense and frustrating times. Can you imagine, though, Roman Reigns and Goldberg brawling for the Universal championship at some gym near Goldberg's house? Who knows what lengths WWE may go to not only prevent from too many performers huddling in and around the Performance Center at once, but also to spice up the 'Mania broadcast with something somewhat eclectic?

With only the limits of the imagination confining them, WWE could display a few unique match locales at WrestleMania 36. With that in mind, let's take a look back at some of the strangest places to have ever held a wrestling match.

5. The Hardy Compound

Matt jeff hardy

We're talking about a vast expanse of land surrounding the palatial home of one Matt Hardy. 

Backyard wrestling matches aren't all that uncommon, but chances are your childhood home wasn't situated next to a body of water with reincarnative qualities (nor was the yard so immaculately landscaped). 

If ever a wrestler possessed an unlimited imagination, it's the "Broken" one himself, cackling mightily upon his trusty lawn mower, in preparation for the massacre ahead.

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