5 Reasons Brodie Lee Is A Perfect Fit For AEW's Exalted One

Could he be the cult leader the old Bray Wyatt never was in WWE?

When he asked for his release from WWE in April of 2019, many figured Luke Harper would be bound for this new wrestling promotion backed by Shad Khan's son and The Elite. When Harper finally secured said release weeks before Christmas, it looked apparent that "Big Rig" Brodie Lee would definitely make tracks toward a now-established All Elite Wrestling. And as The Dark Order drew closer to revealing their "Exalted One", well, Lee's name was one that apparently fit the bill.

Before a bare bones crowd of wrestling personnel in Jacksonville, Brodie Lee unhooded himself, filling the role of unquestioned spiritual leader for a group of devoted bid-doers, before leading a beatdown of SCU members Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.

Lee's AEW debut would have come off better before a live crowd (especially in the original location of Rochester, NY, his legitimate hometown), but for what we got, it came off well enough. As far as being the right man for the job, is Brodie Lee a good choice for The Exalted One? I say yes, for the following reasons.

5. He's Got Something To Say

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Though he wasn't completely muted as one of Bray Wyatt's menacing henchman, it's not like Harper had much of a voice in WWE. 

He did manage to get his point across through his expressive eyes (as well as his guttural, animal-like bleats), but there's more than meets the eye to Lee. 

As his debut vignette showed, he's a pretty solid speaker, with the sort of menacing invective that was absent in his prior incarnation. Taking a mostly-quiet performer and giving him a voice only ups the intrigue factor.

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