10 Wrestlers Who Returned From Injury And Then Got Injured

This is 10 Wrestlers Who Returned From Injury And Then Got Injured!

If you’re mad enough to take powerbombs and get chucked through tables for a living, then you should probably be aware that injuries in wrestling happen fairly often. 

Most performers are lucky enough to recover from their knocks and get back to the ring after some time out, but sometimes the universe decides to play a cruel joke and injure them again almost immediately. 

These 10 performers all know this pain (both figuratively and literally), as their big comebacks were all spoiled by another quick trip to the hospital.

This is 10 Wrestlers Who Returned From Injury… And Then Got Injured.

10. Batista

16224 batista

Batista has had a career most wrestlers could only dream of. 

WrestleMania main eventer, multiple-time world champion, Hollywood favourite, all of this and more has come The Animal’s way. However, there was a time very close to the start of his in-ring career where he was nearly written off entirely.

Batista got his big break when he was chosen to be part of Triple H’s new Evolution stable in 2003, representing the future of the company alongside Randy Orton. Unfortunately, he tore his triceps in a tag team match against The Dudley Boyz shortly thereafter, taking him off TV.

Then, as he was nearing the end of his recovery, Batista re-tore the same muscle whilst training for his comeback, leading to more agonising months off-screen. 

For most people, this would have been it, as they’d have been dismissed as unreliable or injury-prone. 

Clearly, Vince McMahon saw something special in the young Leviathan, and decided to give him another chance. 

Batista returned in late 2003, and began his rise up the ranks in earnest.

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