10 Wrestling Road Stories That Defy Reality

They're equal parts comedic anecdote and eye-opening cautionary tale, and damn it, they're all so compelling...

You can almost picture the template that comes with the most outlandish of wrestling road stories: ornery brawlers, a little too much boredom, way too much alcohol, some bloodshed, possibly a bit of police presence, and very nearly the death of one or more wrestler. They're equal parts comedic anecdote and eye-opening cautionary tale, and damn it, they're all so compelling.

The following stories have been regaled by one or more persons to the best of their memories, and while you can certainly expect at least a modicum of embellishment in their words, that only enhances these sagas. And just a friendly reminder that while the stories you're about to hear are mostly hilarious, we ask that you not try to replicate the nuttiness in any form. 

Bodies have been bruised, necks broken, careers ended in an instant - yes, this is entertainment, but the hazards are real. No matter who you are, whatever you do, please, don't try the following stories at home. 

Those involved here are professionals as well - and that's what's frightening!

10. A Complex Drinking Game

Andre the giant drinking

Andre the Giant and alcohol-related chaos go together like peanut butter and jelly, and you could fill a War and Peace-length tome solely with incredible tales involving those two elements. It was Ric Flair that shared this particular yarn about the time in 1976 that he, Andre, Dick Murdoch, and Blackjack Mulligan were seated at a patio bar in Norfolk, VA, in proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. At some point during this heavy boozing session, Mulligan, apparently without provocation, sucker-punched Andre. 

For most mortal men, getting cracked by the 6'7, 330 pound Mulligan would render them unconscious. But Andre, he was unfazed. The Giant grabbed both Mulligan and Murdoch (who had also gotten physically involved) and dragged both heavyweights by their throats to the ocean, where he held both of their heads under the water. And the only thing that was going to save them was Andre's mercy. Flair notes that Andre certainly wasn't going to try and kill either man, but wanted to remind them how easy it would be for him to do just that. 

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