5 WWE Stars Who Suddenly Left After Major Pay-Per-Views

Here (and thriving) today, gone tomorrow after disagreements with Vince McMahon himself...

Egos, frustrations, money, creative - it doesn't take much to set a wrestler off, especially one in WWE's upper echelon. Through the years, top stars have had it out with the company's top administrators, chiefly Vince McMahon, and it sometimes hasn't ended well. In those cases, some of the very best wrestlers that have ever graced the ring, genuine future Hall of Famers, have swiftly left the company.

Sometimes this happens in the aftermath of a major pay-per-view. Somewhere in the fallout of one of WWE's biggest nights, tensions mount and frustrations boil over, leading to a main event-calibre superstar taking his leave from the company, at least for a little while anyway. In an ego-driven business, it's not at all surprising when these kinds of blowups take place. While it might seem like a rare event, history has shown that some of WWE's most notable exits came in the aftermath of one of its biggest cards.

Let's stroll back through WWE over the past few decades, and look at a few shining examples...

5. Mick Foley (Survivor Series 1997)

Mick foley

In all the confusion following the Montreal Screwjob, you knew Bret Hart wasn't going to be appearing again. Others who were outraged by the conspiracy talked of leaving the company, while a disgusted Foley actually did leave the WWF - for one day, anyway.

Believing he could never again trust Vince McMahon, Foley made it clear he had no interest in "coming to work." He missed the next day's Raw, but after talking to administrator Jim Cornette, and realizing he didn't want to breach his contract, Foley returned on Tuesday.

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