5 Biggest Controversies In WWE Money In The Bank History

The popular ladder match has had its bones of contention...

In its 15 years as a delectable plot device, the Money in the Bank briefcase has yielded legendary moments. Edge's cash-in on a blood-soaked John Cena in 2006 demonstrated how exhilarating the payoff can be. Dolph Ziggler's 2013 gatecrash of a battered Alberto Del Rio drew a staggering reaction from an energized post-WrestleMania crowd. And who could forget Seth Rollins' intrusion of the ongoing WrestleMania 31 main event, taking a moment not even designed for him, and making it all his?

These payoffs, along with the creative high-wire stunts in the Ladder Matches themselves, represent the lofty appeal of Money in the Bank, making it one of WWE's pre-eminent gimmick matches. The favourable response isn't guaranteed, however - through the years, WWE hasn't always handled the match's outcomes, eventual cash-ins, and general booking with the most steady of hands. For all the good that the magical briefcase has represented, it's also been, at times, the centre of contention.

With that in mind, let's look back at a few notable Money in the Bank controversies.

5. Bryan's First Cash-In

Daniel bryan

While Daniel Bryan's cash-in on an unconscious Big Show at the 2011 TLC to become World Heavyweight champion is fondly recalled, there was one little loose thread that was never followed up on: Bryan did the same thing weeks earlier, and had his cash-in disallowed.

When then-champ Mark Henry was KO'ed by Show on SmackDown, Bryan took advantage and pinned Henry, only to have the result overruled, since Henry wasn't medically cleared. Well, was Show cleared at TLC? No, and neither were numerous other cash-in victims. Damn flexible reality.

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