5 Things You Didn't Know About Triple H

The Game celebrated 25 years with WWE recently...

Twenty-five years of continuous employment is impressive, regardless of who you work for. It's even more impressive when you can experience the sort of upward mobility enjoyed by Paul Levesque, going from entry-level midcarder with a cliched gimmick in 1995, to one of the masters and rulers of the wrestling industry today. Who'd have thunk it, no?

WWE recently kicked off some festivities, celebrating 25 years within the promotion for company man (and family man) Triple H. The April 24 edition of SmackDown saw WWE hold a rather unusual ceremony for "The Game" (thanks in part to some bizarre chatter from father-in-law Vince McMahon), but the fact remains: 25 years for Triple H is a pretty special achievement. He's headlined multiple WrestleManias, held numerous World titles, and was a major part of weekly storylines for the better part of two decades.

We've learned a lot about Triple H through the years, but it's always good to gain a little more insight into the life and career of one of WWE's most important figures.

5. Fit As A Fiddle

Triple h

One of the most identifying traits of Triple H is his physique, which at times could have been classified as "beyond logical". Contrast that to his early time in WWE, when he was thin enough to almost qualify as a regular on 205 Live.

That's why it's a little surprising to learn that Helmsley was into bodybuilding as a teenager. He began weight-training in earnest at age 14 in order to look like his wrestling idols, and in 1988, he won Mr. Teenage New Hampshire.

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