5 Weirdest WWE Video Games Ever

These weren't your typical wrestling games...

With WWE 2K21 officially cancelled, 2K Games has formally announced its substitute, and man, it's enough to make you require a standing eight count. Titled "WWE Battlegrounds", the game combines arcade animation, dysmorphic bodies (moreso than usual, anyway), and cartoonish violence. The trailer has already been panned by scores of fans, who find it so outlandish to the point of being utterly unplayable. As opposed to *last* year's game, which was unplayable in a more academic sense.

Most WWE video games of the last 30-plus years have been pretty straightforward: a by-the-book recreation of the wrestling we see on television, allowing us to take control of our idols, guiding them to the World title. Most wrestling games in general follow this simple but effective formula, emphasizing the simulation of combat that wrestling represents. This hasn't always been the way of the WWE gaming world, however, as the company is known to go outside the lines to experiment with different genres of video game.

Here are those times when WWE explored that vast realm of possibilities in the gaming world, usually with mixed results.

5. WWF MicroLeague Wrestling (Commodore 64, 1987)


Admittedly, MicroLeague *does* simulate matches in a textbook manner, but the game itself is very different than the norm. Instead of the physical, sports-style games we're used to, MicroLeague was a turn-based strategy game, where you selected your moves from a sidebar.

Most unusual was the character selection - you could only simulate specific matches, be it Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage, Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff, Ted Dibiase vs. Jake Roberts, etc. And each "matchup" came on its own disk. Talk about primitive.

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