10 WWE Storylines That Ended Too Soon

Everything from Sean O'Haire to Shawn Michaels' heel turn

A great storyline can, and should, span several months if not years. 

Some of the greatest storylines in WWE history have continued on for an age, but at their best remain compelling enough to take in an untold number of twists and turns and are on occasion even rebooted long after they appear to have wrapped up.

Other great storylines, however, are done and dusted far too early, leaving fans (and even the performers themselves) frustrated and wondering what could have been. 

Check out 10 WWE Storylines That Ended Too Soon below.

10. The Two Man Power Trip

Two man power trip

The 2001 heel turn of Steve Austin is generally regarded as a major creative misfire and is often cited as a key reason why WWE's business slumped in the wake of WrestleMania 17, but there were reasons to celebrate Stone Cold's jump to the dark side, such as his dastardly alliance with fellow villain Triple H. 

The so-called Two Man Power Trip caused havoc on WWE programming, starting with their formation on the post-WrestleMania Raw. 

The Cerebral Assassin and the Texas Rattlesnake had some great, albeit short, feuds with Team Extreme and the Brothers of Destruction and looked set to start a programme with Chrises Jericho and Benoit, when disaster struck and Hunter tore his quad. 

Just like that, the duo were no more, which is a shame because it felt like they had at least a few more months left before they inevitably began warring with each other. 

Obviously, there was nothing WWE could do about it ending when it did and there wasn't a chance to revisit it following Triple H's recovery, since both he and Austin were back in the babyface ranks by then. 

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