10 WWE WrestleMania Matches That Sadly Get Overlooked

You NEED to check out these underrated classics!

Across 35 WrestleManias, there have been over 340 matches on the main pay-per-view broadcasts. Some of them have been utterly unforgettable and legendary (you know the ones), and others atrocious and ridiculous (you know the ones). 

Some WrestleManias have featured between 14 and 16 matches, with a few shorties filling the cracks between the loftier fare. Other 'Manias featured only seven or eight matches, letting the more epic struggles have extra time to breathe.

Today's list is going to take a look at at some of the really good matches that don't exactly get enough credit. We're talking about the B+ matches, the matches that reside between three stars and three-and-a-half stars on the old subjective grading scale. 

We've all spent plenty of oxygen extolling the virtues of Michaels vs. Undertaker, Hart vs. Austin, and Savage vs. Steamboat, now let's talk about some of those forgotten gems.

Some of the following entries are just really good matches that have been overlooked for reasons unclear, while others have been overshadowed by a more famous match or matches from the same card. Let's jump around to and fro in the time machine a bit, as we unearth some of those old WrestleMania classics.

10. Cody Rhodes Vs. Rey Mysterio (WrestleMania 27)

Cody rhodes rey mysterio wrestlemania 27

The intro of this article spoke of the opposite ends of the WrestleMania match gamut, the ecstasy and the agony. 

The Undertaker and Triple H's fight into near-oblivion certainly represents the ecstasy, while its diametric opposite was that Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler match that is arguably the  worst WrestleMania match that surpassed one minute. On the shoulders of that Cole/Lawler backwoods atrocity, among some other low points, WrestleMania 27 is seen as one of the weaker 'Manias.

The undercard did boast some enjoyable fare, including a Captain America-cosplaying Mysterio taking on a pre-All Elite Rhodes that blended Patrick Bateman, Ted Bundy, and The Phantom of the Opera in one disturbingly-vain package. 

Centered on an angle where a crazed Rhodes believed Mysterio had damaged his good looks, the two blended quality wrestling with some one-upmanship, particularly when Rhodes looks to employ weaponry. 

The "Undashing" one eked out a win after 12 minutes, earning plenty of vocal love from the diehard Mania crowd, and the match went a good way in separating Rhodes from his Legacy lackey past.

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