5 Best Iron Man Matches In WWE History

A Fatal 4-Way 60-Minute Iron Man Match takes place on NXT's SUPER TUESDAY!

The Iron Man match is a difficult match to pull off. For one thing, you need an exceptional amount of stamina to make sure you're not solely running on fumes and instinct long before the time limit. Secondly, keeping the crowd engaged is a challenge, especially in the, "I'll just look at my smartphone until I hear the near falls starting" era. In other words, it's not a match that just *anyone* can pull off.

Yet, pretty much every major promotion has done it, even if it's "just" a 30-minute variation. AEW, IMPACT, and WCW have all gone the half-hour route at some point, as has WWE, which is more prone to book the hour-long marathon for a major title match. Ring of Honor made history in 2002 by crowning its first champion in a 60-minute four corners Iron Man, and that's the route WWE will now go to determine a new NXT champion.

So before Finn Balor, Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa, and Johnny Gargano subject themselves to that gruelling hour, let's look back at WWE's best Iron Man matches of all time.

5. The Rock Vs. Triple H (Judgment Day 2000)

Although Triple H had greatly improved as a wrestler by the year 2000, and Rock was *far* better than his critics would admit, there was some reasonable scepticism toward the pair having a great Iron Man match. Plus, the era itself wasn't exactly conditioned for such a match.

Yet they pulled it off, putting together a mix of Attitude-style brawling and big spots, with some great bits of strategy and gamesmanship. The Undertaker's big comeback at the end did lead to an irksome finish, but the moment itself was electric.

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