5 Best Revenge Storylines In WWE History

Payback is a you-know-what...

The old saying is that revenge is a dish best served cold, and anyone that's familiar with The Punisher understands how exhilarating a story of remorseless vengeance can be. Naturally, professional wrestling on the whole has long been a haven for the "payback" plot - a hero gets done dirty by evil forces, so they (sometimes gradually) claw their way back for a confrontation with their nemesis, obliterating them without a second thought.

Storytelling in professional wrestling hasn't always been even or satisfying, so when an epic-length story arc is able to captivate you for a sustained amount of time, it's especially gratifying. It's all contingent, of course, on the hero decimating the wrongdoer in the final scene, of course. WWE has managed to deliver mightily on this formula numerous times throughout its six decades of existence, as WrestleMania has oftentimes been the ideal spot for the protagonist to stand tall.

While we live in a pro wrestling world where "Payback" is fresh on the mind (though not for any specific reason), let's look back at the times where WWE presented its most excellent revenge storylines.

5. Undertaker Returns To The Dark Side (2003-04)

Undertaker's been "buried alive" before, but generally, the dude just shakes it off in short order. When brother Kane piled the dirt onto 'Taker's prone body in 2003, it seemed more definitive. A satisfied Kane crowed that he'd finally done what he'd long set out to do.

And then the mind games started - an occasional sound of a gong. The presence of caskets and urns. Supernatural occurrences like a jostling ring. Kane was now frazzled, but not as much as when Undertaker (back to his classic roots) returned from the grave at WrestleMania 20.

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