5 Biggest Headlines From WWE Backlash 2020

Featuring the greatest pretty good main event ever...

The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever. More than ever, we attempt to quantify things, from hand-selecting the "GOAT" of some sport or other genre, to naming our "Mount Rushmores" within those kinds of parameters, to the "Top Ten" lists that have been staples of websites like the one you're on right now. All of it, of course, is subjective and, generally, determined by the beholders. But when the seller is the one promising the absolute best of something before it's even produced? It's possibly a rib, or perhaps just hyperbole gone berserk.

Make no mistake, Edge and Randy Orton had a pretty good match. Did it equal the lofty billing? In my opinion, hardly. You might think it was better than I found it, while still believing it fell short of the towering label slapped on it. And that's where a match like Edge and Orton's is left holding the bag - it's not their fault if they can't deliver what was promised, even if the billing was meant to be tongue in cheek.

Coming out of WWE Backlash 2020, here are the five top headlines.

5. Sheamus Denies Jeff Hardy Revenge

Sheamus jeff hardy

Sheamus framed him for attempted vehicular homicide, and then ridiculed his past substance abuse issues. Naturally, the first thing Jeff Hardy does when the bell rings is to clap rhythmically, trying to win over the crowd like he's in a 1986 house show opener.

Looks like the feud's certain to continue, after Hardy scored a visual win of sorts by hitting the Swanton on Sheamus, only for Sheamus to barely drape the foot over the rope. A Brogue Kick later, and Hardy will have to settle for getting revenge at Extreme Rules.

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