5 Biggest Headlines From WWE WrestleMania 36 Night One

A WrestleMania unlike any we've ever seen...

Going into WrestleMania 36, we'd all pretty much prepared ourselves for a unique experience. Not even weeks of empty arena Raws, SmackDowns, NXTs, and AEW Dynamites were going to set us up for a truly harrowing sight: pro wrestling's Super Bowl run without any fans in attendance, inside an upscale training center. We resigned ourselves to this fate, and tempered our expectations accordingly.

Thus far, in spite of the obvious hindrances in place, the consensus for night one seems to be one of pleasant surprise. Fans expecting something with a bargain-basement feel got something far greater, and even a few of those with tempered expectations came away with an impressed nod. From some ambitious performances to a bit of surreal imagery, what we've gotten thus far has been a WrestleMania that's making the most of the hand it was dealt.

Night one featured five title matches, some long-simmering grudges, and a "Boneyard Match", the vagueness of which was enough to create some mild dread in most of us. While it's not sniffing WrestleMania 17 on the tier list, it's safe to say that halfway through, WrestleMania 36 is still miles above rock bottom.

5. Bliss And Cross Become The First Two-Time Women's Tag Team Champions

Alexa kairi wrestlemania 36

Well, provided you're willing to pretend that Velvet McIntyre and The Glamour Girls never existed, that is. But when it comes to the modern belts that were commissioned over a year ago, yes, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are the first two-time holders of the straps, following their victory over The Kabuki Warriors in the pay-per-view opener.

Bliss pinned Kairi Sane to end a 15-minute bout, one of the longer matches on the evening, it turned out. The match is also historic, marking the first time that women worked the opening match of any WrestleMania.

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