5 Gimmick Matches WWE Needs To Bring Back

Let's freshen up the list of "feud-enders" a little ahead of 'The Horror Show' at Extreme Rules...

The twelfth annual Extreme Rules is upon us, and no doubt, the event will come equipped with its usual heaps of gimmick matches. A run-through of the prior eleven incarnations turns up the usual suspects ad nauseum: steel cage clashes, Last Man Standing brawls, limb-twisting submission matches, and, of course, the titular "Extreme Rules" match - which is not to be confused with street fights and "No Holds Barred" battles, because they are completely different than Extreme Rules matches. For reasons.

But yes, Extreme Rules is generally a card loaded up with gimmick match after gimmick match, because that's what Extreme Rules calls for. While there's nothing wrong with the concept (it's WCW Uncensored but, you know, not awful), I do feel that WWE is neglecting some very valuable match types, especially as the cages and Last Man Standing deals get overdone. 

Bouts like hair matches, strap matches, and chain matches have been dusted off for the event in years past, but there are a few more out there, presently trapped inside the mythological box-o-gimmicks. And it doesn't even *have* to be Extreme Rules for these bad boys to deservedly see the light of day once more.

5. First Blood Matches

Kennedy undertaker first blood

WWE may have drastically cut back on the letting of blood over the past 12 years, but come on - ever since Lesnar nicked his forehead at WrestleMania 31, we've gradually seen more and more bloodshed at major WWE events. That it's more sparing now is a good thing, though.

Having a First Blood match in an era where there isn't crimson spilled on every show would aid the gimmick. In 2020, guaranteeing blood from one of two enemies inside the combat zone wields just a little more intrigue. Even then, image-conscious WWE may be skittish about doing this.

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