5 Weirdest Challenges WWE Superstars Have Taken Part In During Feuds

Basketball, axe throwing and a... a "Redneck Triathlon" anyone?

Perhaps inspired by the dearth of NBA action due to the pandemic (or maybe by the popularity of the Michael Jordan 10-part documentary The Last Dance), WWE decided to stick The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits against each other in a game of hoops on Monday Night Raw. If that wasn't enough, the two duos met once more the following week in an "axe-throwing" contest.

In a sense, it's kinda hard to blame WWE for going to this well of non-wrestling games - it does break up the monotony of lifeless wrestling shows inside of a very sparsely-populated training center. But even before we all had to get used to empty venues for wrestling, WWE has been all too happy to let heated rivals settle the score not in wrestling matches, but in other competitions that may not always be suited to the performers' personal skill sets. You know, for comedy's sake.

Chances are, the entries ahead are bound to conjure up a memory or two. Because WWE sure loves to get silly.

5. Eating Contests

Mvp pizza

It's quite simple: pit two mortal enemies against each other, provide them with a specific type of easily-gorgable food (pizza, pies, long-stale ICOPRO supplements), start the clock, and see who can devour the most snackage in the allotted frame.

What's incredible is the sheer number of times that a heel has won the contest, and then, with their arms raised in a gloating pose, they get puked on by their nauseated rival. The ensuing laughter from the Gorilla position is enough to make the arena shake.

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