5 Best Owen Hart Matches

"The King of Harts" was a technical master and consummate athlete, turning out for the likes of WWE, NJPW, and more...

The season finale of Dark Side of the Ring conjured up all sorts of feelings about wrestling great Owen Hart, who tragically passed away 21 years ago this month. While many of those feelings were anger toward the details surrounding his death, fans who remember Owen the wrestler were reminded of just how great he was. Whether he was a cheerful do-gooder that relied on his effortless agility and form-perfect technique, or a scheming heel that did all he could to raise hell on brother Bret and others, Owen was a natural in any role.

It occurs to me that many of today's fans may not have even been alive at the time of Owen's passing, and may only have had their curiosities piqued by the Dark Side feature (and surrounding social media hubbub). And if they're fans of great in-ring wrestling, they might have a sudden interest in seeing the best works of Owen Hart's storied time in the ring.

Here's a little elementary primer into core Owen Hart, with what I feel are the five top matches of his career.

5. With Bret, Vs. The Steiner Brothers (WWF, January 1994)

Owen bret hart scott rick steiner

This battle of real-life pairs of siblings wasn't meant to be a TV match - it was recorded for a Coliseum Video release, and what a buried gem it turned out to be. It might well be the best "non-canon" match in the entirety of WWE's history.

What begins as your typical battle of proud babyfaces turns into a hyper-competitive wrestling match, before degenerating further into a heated scrap that results in the match being thrown out after 25 unbelievable minutes. Kudos to Owen for taking the Steiner Screwdriver.

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