AAA Announces Collaboration With Marvel, Superhero Inspired Wrestlers To Debut At TripleMania 28

We could have a whole host of Superhero wrestlers in the future...

Wrestlers inspired by Marvel's superheroes and villains will be coming to AAA soon. Marvel and AAA announced their collaboration yesterday and as part of the deal, Aracno (Spider-Man) and Leyenda Americana (Captain America) will team up at TripleMania 28 against Terror Purpura (Thanos) and Venenoide (Venom). No official date has been set for AAA's biggest event, but the promotion is hoping to hold the show in December at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico. 

Both parties also agreed to host a series of family events in the future which will be accompanied by a collection of clothing, accessories and other consumer products inspired by Mexican wrestling.

"This collaboration with AAA represents an opportunity to participate in an iconic part of Mexican culture, such as wrestling and offering attractive content and experiences to the whole family that can be further celebrated with spectacular consumer products inspired by this discipline which is valuable for fans and consumers," said Luis Lomelí, Head of Licensing and Consumer Products area at The Walt Disney Company (Mexico). "While developing these storytelling and content creation initiatives, the premise has been to stay true to the essence of Mexican wrestling at all times by bringing together AAA's experience in terms of wrestling and Marvel's experience in terms of story and character development. The potential of wrestling is unlimited. Its quality, colour and talent are increasingly valued in the world. Based on this unique and original creative platform, we will develop different product lines such as clothing, footwear and accessories, toys, household and school items."

General Director of AAA Dorian Roldan added: "Teaming with Marvel represents the union of two fantastic worlds that house characters that public have turned into their great heroes. Therefore, it will be a pleasure to welcome you to the Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide family in a successful event, such as Triplemanía XXVIII."

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