Action Bronson Discusses "No-Bump Clause" Ahead Of AEW Grand Slam

Could the renowned rapper have a special clause ahead of his AEW debut?

Hip hop star Action Bronson spoke on Ariel Helwani's The MMA Hour ahead of his in-ring AEW debut at Rampage Grand Slam on Friday. He is set to team with Hook to take on Matt Menard and Angelo Parker in tag team action. In the interview, he talked about a 'no-bump clause' in his contract ahead of the match:

“Taking a bump is not — I just f***ing practice offense - I don’t fall [...] I have in the contract, I don’t fall. [...] Taking bumps is serious. It’s not an easy thing."

It's unclear whether Bronson is serious or not regarding this - although presumably time will tell.

He also explained the process of training to wrestle, explaining: 

“They had the idea first for me to walk [Hook] down the ring, and then I started training a little bit and they saw my athleticism and my prowess. [I train] in Long Island at the same place MJF did. It’s called Create-A-Pro. I like to give them a plug because they showed me a lot of love [...] it’s a great space. [...] It’s like a dojo run by Pat Buck. And Taz got everything hooked up through there."

Bronson also revealed that he'll be performing Hook's theme during their entrance at Arthur Ashe Stadium - his own track 'The Chairman's Intent.'

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