Action Bronson Reveals How HOOK Came To Use 'The Chairman's Intent’

Self confessed wrestling fan Action Bronson is a fan of HOOK

Presentation is a major part in AEW’s plan to make HOOK a star, with the second generation star making his way to the ring to Action Bronson’s ‘The Chairman’s Intent’ to increasing reactions week after week.

Bronson is a self confessed wrestling fanatic, and during a conversation with Ariel Helwani, ‘Bam Bam Baklava’ spoke of how he became involved with AEW:

"I've known Taz for a while, he knew that I was a fan, I think I did Bubba (Ray Dudley's) podcast or maybe I told Taz a story about when Bubba threatened to slam me or beat the s*** out of me and called me a fat f*** when I was at ECW when I was young. We exchanged numbers at some point and text every so often like, 'We have to get you in the ring to train.' I went out to Long Island to train. HOOK has been a fan since he was a younger kid and he loved that song and wanted to use that song. I was like, 'Be my guest, please,'" Bronson said.

Tony Khan has been known to pay for outside music for his wrestlers, and Bronson revealed how much AEW paid him for HOOK’s entrance track:

"I didn't make a big deal about the type of money, I didn't care about that,” continued Bronson. “I just wanted him to use it. They still have to because it's not owned by me, it's on Atlantic Records, they had to pay a little fee or whatever. Through me, I don't want a thing from them."

A big part of Bronson’s live performances sees the rapper put fans in Torture Racks and powerbombing them off the stage, and there’s a chance we could see ‘Mr. Wonderful’ in a ring some day:

"I was training with HOOK and Taz, they were showing me some in-ring moves and I had to do a simple snapmare where I have to flip over. I got up and I was vertigo'd out. I'm not going to be doing any in-ring technical manoeuvres. I'm not Dean Malenko over here. I have 1,000 moves, but they're on the ground, they're more ambush and slams. I have 1,000 slams," Bronson said.

Bronson has released tracks in the past dedicated to The Rockers, and Barry Horowitz, amongst others.

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