Adam Cole & Chris Jericho To Both Compete Outside Of AEW In November

Adam Cole and Chris Jericho to compete in DPW and DDT respectively

In a complete coincidence, Adam Cole and Chris Jericho will each be competing outside of AEW on November 12th next month - but in completely different promotions. 

Adam Cole has finally responded to a challenge laid out by the newly christened Chris Danger (DenkOps), who called out the ROH World Tag Team Champion in DPW. Cole would appear on the screen and reveal that he accepted the challenge and would wrestle in Danger’s first ever professional wrestling match. 

On the same day, Chris Jericho will have his first match outside of AEW since January when he showed up in PWG. Jericho is currently feuding with Don Callis and has been caught up with Konosuke Takeshita because of it. Takeshita has been appearing in the DDT promotion recently (with that being his home before AEW), and would bring out Don Callis. This prompted Jericho to also appear on screen, stating that he would be facing Takeshita in DDT at Who’s Gonna Top? 2023 on November 12. 

November 12 is set to be an interesting day for two of AEW’s biggest names for sure.

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Written by Andrew Kelly