Adam Cole Comments On Sabu's AEW Debut

Adam Cole has spoken about the shocking AEW debut of Sabu

It may be 2023 but Sabu managed to shock the professional wrestling world this week with a surprise AEW debut, coming to the aid of Adam Cole and Roderick Strong amidst their feud with the Jericho Appreciation Society. With no rumours or tease, this was a surprise to almost everyone. Cole spoke on Barstool Rasslin’ about Sabu’s debut. 

"When I was younger watching ECW, Sabu, obviously like many others, was one of my absolute favorites. It's so weird to think as time goes on, because again, Sabu was a student at the game. He's someone who's been around for a long time. The fact that I have his respect enough for him to help me with the JAS is pretty damn cool.”

Sabu will be in Cole’s corner at the 2023 Double or Nothing PPV tonight against Chris Jericho in an Unsanctioned Match, acting as the Special Guest Enforcer to even the odds due to Cole’s side being outnumbered by the members of the Jericho Appreciation Society. 

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