Adam Cole Details The Exact Moment He Knew He Wanted To Join AEW

Cole made his debut at All Out 2021

Adam Cole has revealed the exact moment he knew he wanted to sign with All Elite Wrestling.

Adam Cole recently spoke with Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions about his choice to leave WWE NXT after a four-year stint with the company and has cited one particular moment which made him decide to join AEW.

Speaking on the podcast he said: "I’ll never forget it, but it was a couple days before All Out, where I was still kind of making my decision. It had gotten to a point where we were getting pretty close.

"Don’t get me wrong, I was pretty sure from the gate that AEW was where I wanted to go. But it was still not an easy decision to make. 9 year old me fell in love with pro wrestling because of WWE, so it was a ‘oh, what do I do?’

"I remember it was 1 in the morning, Britt was fast asleep right beside me and I’m just laying there just awake...I was laying there, my eyes were shut, and I was just thinking about showing up in AEW. And I got that giddy, 9 year old feeling thinking about it.

"So I was like ‘that’s it.’ I’ve always followed my gut and I’ve always followed my heart, and the idea of coming here made me so excited and made me feel like a kid again. These past few weeks have just been proof that I made the right call. I could not be more excited right now. I’m so pumped."

Cole made his debut at All Out 2021 and reunited with his former Bullet Club stablemates, The Elite, later going on to make his in-ring debut by defeating Frankie Kazarian on the September 15th episode of Dynamite.

Describing how excited he was to be in AEW he said: "These past few weeks have just been the best. Anyone who knows me, I’ve been very open about watching AEW since it started and following it closely. And seeing the fans and seeing locker room and seeing how happy everyone is, that was a really eye opening thing for me actually, as far as my decision and how easy it was.

"There were many people I had known while they were elsewhere or doing other things, and seeing these people in AEW and seeing how much fun they were having, how happy they were, I was like ‘oh my god, wow. That’s really, really awesome.’"

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