Adam Cole Discusses Creative Differences Between AEW & WWE NXT

Adam Cole on the differences between AEW and WWE NXT creative

Adam Cole has been a featured star in both WWE NXT and All Elite Wrestling in recent years and the Undisputed Elite member reflected on the creative differences between both companies on Busted Open Radio.  

"Creatively, I'd say by far, the biggest difference is NXT had a very hands-on approach, which is wonderful. It's a great learning experience. When you look at guys like Shawn Michaels and Triple H, who have an exact vision of where they wanted to go, how they wanted the promos to sound, and what they wanted us to say. Then as time went on, I got more freedom you could call it, whether it be with promos and matches, because they started to trust me," Cole said.

"With AEW, from the beginning, no one has ever handed me a script for a promo. No one has ever told me directly how they want my match to go. You get that creative process and that freedom to do as you please, especially if you're someone who's trusted. Fortunately with AEW, from the beginning, I've been trusted. So I'd say they definitely give you a lot more stuff to play with, and use your own creative process to go about things that you want to."

Cole left WWE as an NXT Triple Crown Champion after four years with the company. He then debuted in AEW in September of 2021. 

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