AEW: Dynamite Results - May 5 2021: Blood & Guts

Blood spattered carnage as The Inner Circle and The Pinnacle went to war

AEW: Dynamite was broadcast as usual from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, as we finally got the long awaited Blood & Guts match in the main event. While initial reports suggested this could be a one-match card, this was instead a multi-match special edition of Dynamite, with the huge gimmick match in the main event.

The first match of the night pitted Kenny Omega and MT Nakazawa against Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston. Don Callis handled the ring introductions, putting Nakazawa in the same league as Japanese legends like Inoki, Giant Baba, Okada, and Ibushi, before saying Omega was unable to attend so Nakazawa would wrestle the match by himself, but it was a ruse as Omega attacked Mox and Kingston with the AEW World Title belt during their entrance. Omega and Nak started strongly on Kingston before Mox swung the match into their favour. Nakazawa and Omega needed to bend every rule in the book to regain control of the match, but again Mox turned the tables choking Nakazawa as Omega hesitated to intervene, before Mox and Kingston hit a tandem Hansen Lariat and a half-and-half suplex for the win as Omega left.

Post-match, The Young Bucks came to the stage to trash talk Eddie and Mox as The Good Brothers hit a sneak attack. Omega re-emerged to hit a One Winged Angel on Kingston as Nick Jackson hit a mocking three count.

Match two saw Cody Rhodes make his in-ring return against QT Marshall. Cody was fuelled by anger, but QT was focused and determined, but QT and Arn Anderson eventually started brawling outside the ring until refs sent The Enforcer to the back. QT had control of the bout, using his ring awareness to keep Cody at bay, until Rhodes hit a DDT and a moonsault to get on the front foot. QT got a nearfall with the Cross Rhodes, before Cody got one of his own with a Tombstone. Cody eventually hit a Cross Rhodes of his own, but amazingly QT kicked out at 2. QT flipped the bird at a bleeding Cody, as Rhodes locked in the Figure Four Leglock for the tap-out win.

Post-match, Anthony Ogogo came out and delivered the devastating gut punch to Cody, before draping the Union Flag over a downed Rhodes.

Alex Marvez spoke to Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky at the top of the arena. Sky quoted Jim Carrey’s Riddler, before saying Sting is a mosquito sucking on the blood of AEW. Sky told ‘Steve’ that he’s overstayed his welcome, and that Scorpio Sky is the franchise now. Page then took the mic and mentioned that he and Darby have history, before saying Darby has a dint in his head and a metal plate in his elbow thanks to previous encounters with Page. Darby sneak attacked the two, hit a Coffin Drop off of a truss onto All Ego, before Scorpio Sky made the save with a trashcan. Page and Sky then beat Darby down before Page threw him down a flight of stairs, as refs attended to the TNT Champion.

The next match saw number one contender to the AEW Women’s World Title Britt Baker take on the debuting Julia Hart (no relation to Hitman and family). This was a quick tune-up match for Baker, who quickly got the tap-out win with the Lockjaw.

We then had a ‘Technique by Taz’ segment as he broke down Christian Cage’s Frogsplash and Killswitch. Taz paid Christian some compliments, but basically used the segment to bury the ageing star and put over Team Taz.

Match four was a four-corners tag team eliminator match for a shot at the Young Bucks Tag titles, with SCU, Jurassic Express, The Acclaimed, and The Varsity Blonds fighting for the title opportunity. Jungle Boy and Kaz started things off, but the match soon broke down into a four team brawl. The match quickly regained order as all teams had their chance to shine. Luchasaurus cleared house, but as Jungle Boy went to put the match to bed, Kazarian tagged himself in as SCU hit Best Meltzer Ever on Brian Pillman Jr. for the win.

Next up was a hype package ahead of Jon Moxley vs. Yuji Nagata for the IWGP US Title next week, with Moxley threatening to kick a hole through Nagata’s chest.

Tony Schiavone spoke to Kenny Omega on the entrance stage. Omega said he’s been a busy man, collecting gold all over the World, as Schiavone announced that next week PAC and Orange Cassidy will face off, with the winner taking on Omega for the AEW World Title at Double or Nothing. Omega admitted that PAC has defeated Omega before, and knows everyone wants to see them go at it again, so why not cut out the middleman and just announce PAC vs. Omega now. Orange Cassidy sauntered out to a big pop as Omega laughed in his face. Omega says he’s seen fans and kids dressed as Orange Cassidy, and he understands that OC is popular, and people want to be like him because they can. But people can never be like Kenny Omega, and neither can Cassidy despite how much he rips Omega off. Omega said Cassidy can never take his title, but he has taken his valuable time, as Omega took OC’s sunglasses and gave them to Michael Nakazawa. Omega continued to run Orange Cassidy down before leaving.

Miro then made his way to the stage to speak to Tony Schiavone. Miro grabbed the mic from Schiavone, once again put the locker room on notice, then produced a contract which says next week he’s taking on Darby Allin for the TNT Title. Miro will not accept a forfeit, and said it doesn’t matter if Darby is fit to compete or not, because next week the man who doesn’t mind dying meets the man who doesn’t mind killing him.

It was then time for the main event: Blood & Guts. Classic War Games rules were in place, with entrants coming to the ring every two minutes (after an initial five minute period) with the ‘All Out Assault’ (aka: The Match Beyond) officially kicking in when all ten competitors were in ring. The only way to win is via submission or surrender.

Sammy Guevara and Dax Harwood started the match off, with the crowd at fever pitch. Sammy started hot, but Dax the Axe quickly cut him down with the Double A Spinebuster. Dax was soon busted open after Sammy repeatedly threw him into the cage.

Entrant Three: Shawn Spears

Spears came in with his trusty chair as The Pinnacle had the man advantage. Sammy fought valiantly, but Spears soon bashed him over the head with the chair.

Entrant Four: Ortiz

A Dead Presidents inspired Ortiz rushed the ring with a chair of his own, throwing the steel all over the ring as Guevara and Spears fought on the top rope. Guevara hit a Spanish Fly on Spears into ring one as Dax and Ortiz beat the heck out of each other in ring two. A bloody Sammy slipped on a springboard, but quickly recovered.

Entrant Five: Cash Wheeler

Wheeler ran in frenzied, attacking Sammy and Ortiz, before hitting an assisted Brainbuster on Ortiz with Dax. Cash taunted Santana through the cage as The Inner Circle manhandled Ortiz and Sammy. Spears held Sammy in a Sharpshooter as FTR roughly threw Ortiz down the side of the ring and cage with a Gory special.

Entrant Six: Santana

Santana ran in for revenge on FTR, taking on both men in the middle of ring two, hitting a gorgeous Uranage on Wheeler, before FTR double team flapjakced him over the top rope, and down between the ring and the cage. Sammy and Spears fought in ring one as Ortiz attacked FTR with a fist wrapped in barbed wire, busting Cash Wheeler open.

Entrant Seven: Wardlow

The Pinnacle’s muscle calmly walked into the cage and invited the entire Inner Circle into ring one to face him. Mr. Mayhem took on Santana, Ortiz, and Sammy with ease, throwing everyone around like ragdolls.

Entrant Eight: Jake Hager

Hager took out FTR and Spears in ring two before engaging in a big big hoss fight with Wardlow. The two big men fought alongside the cage, as broken bodies and blood covered the two rings.

Entrant Nine: MJF

Big chants of ‘asshole’ as MJF entered, helping Wardlow take down Hager before trash talking Jericho through the cage. The Pinnacle were firmly in control leading down to the final entrant.

Entrant Ten: Chris Jericho

With all ten men in, the ‘All Out Assault’ match can officially begin. The bell rang as Pinnacle lined up in ring one, whilst Inner Circle regrouped in ring two. All ten men charged and met in the middle, rivals squaring off as carnage occurred al over the place. Jericho produced Floyd the bat and chased Shawn Spears up the cage, choking The Chairman on the cage truss. FTR tore up the ring canvas in ring one, as Spears dismantled the tope rope. Ortiz kept Pinnacle at bay with the madball, before Santana and Ortiz hit stereo piledrivers on FTR on the exposed wood, with assistance from Sammy Guevara. Moving over into ring two, Sammy Guevara hit a Van Terminator into a chair into Spears, as Ortiz locked him in the tree of woe, as Inner Circle firmly took control. Jericho hit MJF with the removed turnbuckle, as Santana paid homage to Abdullah the Butcher, stabbing a bloodied MJF with a fork. But as Inner Circle celebrated, Wardlow ran in to take everyone down, before eating several chairshots.

Tully Blanchard assaulted referee Bryce Remsburg and opened the cage door, allowing MJF to escape and climb to the roof, but Chris Jericho was in hot pursuit. Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho on top of the structure, but MJF nailed a low blow, and applied the Salt of the Earth Fujiwara Armbar, breaking the hold to put on his Dynamite Diamond Ring. MJF punched Jericho square between the eyes, then yelled to Inner Circle that if they didn’t surrender then he’d throw a bloodied Jericho off of the cage. Guevara surrendered to save his mentor, but MJF threw Jericho off anyway, with Le Champion crashing through the entrance stage. MJF celebrated on top of the cage as agents and backstage staff attended to Jericho as Dynamite went off the air.

Full results:
• Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley def. Kenny Omega & MT Nakazawa
• Cody Rhodes def. QT Marshall
• Britt Baker def. Julia Hart
• SCU def. Varsity Blonds, Jurassic Express, & The Acclaimed - Four-Way Tag Team Eliminator for a Tag Title Shot
• The Pinnacle def. The Inner Circle - Blood & Guts

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