Atsushi Onita Launches New Promotion

More Exploding Deathmatches are on the way

FMW founder and Japanese Deathmatch wrestling legend Atsushi Onita has launched a new wrestling promotion named Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling Explosion. 

The company's inaugural show 'Independence Day' will be held on July 4 at the Tsurumi Fruit and Vegetable Market in Yokohama and FMWE plans to distribute the event worldwide. 

Onita noted in a press conference that the mainstay of the promotion will be Exploding Deathmatches and cited the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley as the reason for starting the new company. 

Onita said (translated using Deepl): "More than one million people around the world saw the Current Bombing Deathmatch that AEW held in Florida, USA. I received many requests from people who saw it, saying, 'I really want to see Onita's current bombing. The first time I did an explosion 30 years ago, it shocked everyone who saw it. When I went to the US, I received thousands of requests from people who wanted to see a real electric current explosion. In this situation, I had a dream that I wanted to realise in the United States. At the Corona disaster, my dream grew and grew, and I decided to give it a try, to take action, and to take the first step. I met President Kajiki at a wrestling venue and I thought I could work with him."

Hidetaka Kajiki will be the new promotion's president and he outlined the 'E' also stands for entertainment.

"In the sports field, there is the fun of playing and the fun of showing. I've been involved in sports entertainment, and anything goes in FMW, and I think the 'E' in 'Explosion' also has the meaning of entertainment. In the midst of the Corona disaster, I agreed to support FMW in order to send out the power of sports to Japan and the world to cheer them up. I want to make wrestling entertainment more exciting," Kajiki said.

The video of the press conference will be available later today on Onita's YouTube channel.

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