AEW File Golf-Related Trademark

Golf is All Elite!

The filing of trademarks in professional wrestling can be a good hint at potential ring names, upcoming projects, and even the name of future shows. An interesting trademark filed recently from All Elite Wrestling comes in the form of “Fairway To Hell”, which was filed on June 14. 

The listing for this trademarks sees it being used for the following;

  • Clothing: Bandanas; Hats; Headwear; Pants; Shirts; Shorts; Socks; Sweatshirts; Undergarments; Clothing jackets; T-shirts; Tank tops
  • Organizing, arranging, and conducting golf events; Organizing, conducting and operating golf tournaments

As of this writing, the trademark is still live and waiting for examination, so it hasn’t gone through as of yet. AEW hasn’t ventured into the golfing market at all, so it is unknown what exactly golfing tournaments produced by AEW could entail, whether it be a separate entity to AEW programming or something featuring current AEW roster members. 

AEW filing trademarks has been a rarity in 2024, with the previous one coming all the way back in February when they trademarked “AEW: Match Madness”. 

Recently, WWE filed trademarks for the name “Talla Tonga”, which is assumed to be Hikuleo’s potential new in-ring name, and also for a potential new show called “WWE Vault”.

H/T F4WOnline

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