AEW Full Gear 2021 Results

Omega vs. Page. Baker vs. Conti. Kingston vs. Punk. And much much more.

It's Saturday night, and you know what that means - AEW: Full Gear 2021. AEW's final PPV of 2021, a year that has seen heartbreak, controversy, triumph, and the kicking down of the ‘forbidden door’. Tonight capped off a two year journey for Adam Page, as The Hangman finally won the big one, defeating Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship, whilst two-time ROH World Champion Jay Lethal stepped through 'the forbidden door'. 

See how Full Gear 2021 unfolded, below:

The Buy-In

Tony Schiavone interviewed man of the moment Dante Martin in ring, asking Dante about his options with Leo Rush, and Team Taz vying for his permanent services. The Acclaimed quickly interrupted, with Max Caster running down everyone (of course) whilst urging Dante to join himself and Anthony Bowens. Bowens told Dante he’s either with The Acclaimed or against them, and told Dante to answer quickly or they’ll break his legs and put him on the shelf like his brother. Martin then took out The Acclaimed and hit a massive springboard Swanton to send them packing.

Nyla Rose & Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa - The Buy-In

Nyla and Rosa started things off, with the two jockeying for position as the crowd erupted in loud ‘EDDIE’ chants in honour of the late great Eddie Guerrero, with Vickie Guerrero at ringside. Shida and Rosa had nice chemistry as they isolated Nyla, but The Native Beast fought her way out to get Hayter involved. Rosa chopped seven layers off of Hayter, before Rosa and Hayter turned things around, beating Shida at ringside as Serena Deeb watched on. The heels continued to work over Shida, with Hayter landing a snap German suplex, before Shida mustered the strength to hit the hot tag. Rosa and Shida hit stereo crossbodies to the outside, but Nyla and Hayter would not stay down, hitting a superplex frog splash combo, before Shida fought out of a Beast Bomb, and got a jacknife pin for the win.

Winners: Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa

Tony Schiavone spoke with The Best Friends backstage, announcing Butcher and The Blade vs. Orange Cassidy and a partner of choice. Cassidy said he’d look to CHAOS, and said maybe he’d bring ‘one of his dogs’. Wonder if he means a certain Stone Pitbull?


MJF vs. Darby Allin

Darby had his customary short film before his entrance, with ‘MJF’ getting into his car before it was repeatedly rolled across an empty car park. ‘MJF’ sat lifeless and bleeding, as an injured Darby torched the vehicle.

Sting accompanied Darby to the stage, then let his young charge go it alone, as Allin skated to the ring. The crowd were split down the middle as MJF attempted to out wrestle Allin, but Darby more than held his own, as the two showed off their technical prowess, leading to a stalemate and face-off after some crisp counter wrestling. An MJF suckerpunch gave him the advantage, as a cocky MJF hit the Fargo strut, before Allin folded Friedman with the tope suicida. Darby missed a Coffin Drop onto the apron, and MJF proceeded to target Darby’s back. MJF teased a Bret’s rope Tombstone, but Darby hit a Diamond Dust to level the playing field, before eating a sick powerbomb into MJF’s knee. Darby fired back, but MJF reversed a Code Red into a nasty powerbomb, before trying to put Darby to pasture with the Scorpion Deathlock. MJF’s knees were damaged from administering several backbreakers, so Darby targeted them with chopblocks, and a Figure Four leglock, before the action spilled to the apron, where MJF nailed a punishing Tombstone, further injuring his knee in the process. The two then jockeyed with a dozen pin and counter pins, before Darby hit a ridiculous Coffin Drop to the outside, but a second in the ring was met with MJF’s knees.

The Pinnacle ran out to interfere, but Sting beat them down with his trusty baseball bat and Shawn Spears’ chair, as MJF dared Darby to smash him with the skateboard, before hitting Darby with the diamond ring as the ref was distracted, and getting the pin after a headlock takeover, just like he promised. A hell of a match.

Winner: MJF

Lucha Brothers (c) vs. FTR - AEW World Tag Team Championship

‘Bombs dropped’ as Lucha brothers made their way to the ring in camouflage, as they put the gold on the line against the AAA Tag team Champions FTR.

Just fists from FTR to start things off, but Lucha Bros brought the flips, Fenix running wild with his jaw dropping offence. The action spilled outside, allowing FTR to take control. But Fenix and Penta fired back, employing a ton of tandem counter holds, an assisted corner senton, and stereo superkicks to establish dominance. Shades of Super Crazy as Penta hit the 10 punch as the crowd chanted in Spanish, but FTR fought out of it as Penta’s focus slipped, allowing Cash Wheeler to tie Penta’s mask to the bottom rope as Dax Harwood put the boots in. Penta eventually managed to fight FTR off and get the tag to Fenix, who ran wild and hit a double cutter on FTR for a close two, before taking Harwood’s head off with the top rope running penalty kick. With Penta down on the outside, Wheeler nailed Fenix with the AAA Tag Title, before Harwood hit a gorgeous Brainbuster, but could only get a two. Fenix fought back, and Penta got the blind tag as FTR went for Big Rig. Tully Blanchard grabbed Penta’s leg, allowing Harwood to strike back, and mock Eddie Guerrero with a trademark shimmy, but Harwood couldn’t get the three amigos off, with Penta hitting all three snap suplexes, and Fenix hitting a beautiful frog splash, but only for two. Lucha Bros went for the tandem Fear factor, but Wheeler broke it up, before a Brainbusters style Spike Piledriver got a close two. Lucha Bros hit a tandem Fear Factor on Harwood, launching Fenix into a crossbody onto Wheeler, but again they could only muster a two. 

FTR donned The Super Ranas masks and tried to squeak out a rope-assisted pin, but it didn't work, and a masked Cash Wheeler took the three after a tandem driver. Lucha Brothers got the win, but Wheeler wasn’t the legal man. Something tells me there’s more to come from this feud.

Winners, and still AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Lucha Brothers

Miro vs. Bryan Danielson - AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Final

Danielson went for the code of honour to start things off, but Miro declined the handshake, as the two readied themselves for a hard hitting affair.

Things started slowly, with Miro arguably getting the best of the opening exchanges. Miro scouted the Danielson turnbuckle flip, absorbed a flurry of Danielson strikes, before re-establishing control. Danielson went for a tope suicida, but ate a jab to the jaw, before eating a belly-to-belly suplex on the ringside mats. Miro slowed things down with a headlock, and teed off on Danielson in the corner with kicks and chokes. Danielson came back with another flurry of strikes, but Miro took him out with a Samoan Drop. The fight spilled outside once more as Danielson hit the running knee off off the apron, before hitting the missile dropkick in the ring. American Dragon built-up momentum with strikes and a kneebar, but Miro beasted out with a deadlift gutwrench. Danielson fought back once more, and pummelled Miro with the Danielson stomps, but ate a powerbomb when going for the Busaiku knee. Miro locked in Game Over, but Miro couldn’t get the grapevine, and Danielson escaped. Miro was undeterred and went for it again, but Danielson rolled through and cinched the LeBell Lock, although Miro fought out of it. Danielson locked in a triangle as Miro went for ground and pound, but The Redeemer gouged Danielson’s eyes, before absorbing Danielson’s strikes like a monster, and kicking a hole in the Dragon. Danielson hit a top rope DDT and a quick Dragon Sleeper for the win.

Winner, and number one contender to the AEW World Championship: Bryan Danielson

SuperKliq vs. Jurassic Express & Christian Cage - Falls Count Anywhere Match

SuperKliq were donned in pink (complete with a pink handlebar moustache for Nick Jackson) as Christian Cage and Jurassic Express came ready for a fight in their best denims. 

The action was frenetic as it quickly spilled to the outside, with Luchasaurus hitting a moonsault onto The Young Bucks, as Page and Cage hit each other with rage… in the ring. All six men fought in and out of the ring, with Jungle Boy levelling Adam Cole with a steel chair, before eating a Shining Wizard after dispatching The Bucks. Luchasaurus German suplexed both Jacksons out of the corner, but was levelled with a trash can from Cole, as Jungle Boy hit a German of his own, and two tope suicidas, before eating the trashcan when attempting the tope con hilo. Cage and Jurassic Express took control as Adam Cole donned the crimson mask, with Cage and Nick Jackson fighting their way to the side of the stage. Luchasaurus teased an Awesome Bomb before superkicks flew left right and centre. Jungle Boy hurricanrana’d Adam Cole off the apron through a table, as Matt Jackson hit a beautiful elbow drop on Luchasaurus on a table set outside the ring.

Up in the stands, Christian hit Nick Jackson, Brandon Cutler, and Michael Nakazawa with a big crossbody off of a balcony, before he and Nick fought their way back to the ring. Cole German suplexed Jungle Boy into the apron, as Superkliq took the advantage back. The Jacksons stuffed Jungle Boy’s mouth with thumbtacks, as they hit the post-kiss superkicks, with Cole holding JB in a camel clutch. Christian fought back and nailed a tornado DDT onto Nick into a ladder, before Luchasaurus ran wild, and launched Cole into the same ladder, before chokeslamming Nick Jackson into the ladder too for good measure.

The action returned to the entrance ramp, and all hell broke loose. Superkicks and bodies flew all over the place, before Adam Cole hit a truss assisted Panama Sunrise on Jungle Boy for a nearfall. Adam Cole then distributed thumbtack covered kneepads, as the Superkliq nailed Luchasaurus with a sick BTE Trigger, but Jungle Boy broke the pin. Luchasaurus regained his composure to chokeslam Cole off of the ramp onto Nick Jackson, Nak, and Cutler, before launching onto them with a shooting star press. Jungle Boy crushed Matt Jackson with a conchairto on the ramp for the win.

Winners: Jurassic Express & Christian Cage

Andrade El Idolo & Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes & PAC

A new mask for Malakai as the corruption has taken over half of his face, and a smattering of boos for Cody, as we ready for a tag team grudge match.

Before a punch was thrown, Cody blind-tagged PAC, but The Bastard returned the favour as tensions started to simmer. The heels started off in control, before Cody came in looking for a piece of Malakai. Andrade didn’t grant him his request, as the two battled on the apron. Jose the assistant grabbed Cody’s ankle before eating a tope suicida. PAC blindtagged Cody again, as the two exchanged glares, and Malakai came in to face Death Triangle’s Geordie madman. Black and Andrade exchanged quick tags to keep PAC at bay, but the heels didn’t seem like they were on the same page either. Cody comes in to battle Black, hitting a Cody Cutter, but eating a Black Mass as PAC tagged himself in yet again. Big Asai Moonsault took down the heels, as Arn Anderson mimed a gunshot and chinned Jose for good measure, beating Andrade’s assistant to the back.

With Cody still down from the Black Mass, the heels took control back as they worked over PAC. PAC fought back, but Cody was nowhere to be found as he looked for a tag, with Doc Samson attending to Rhodes, as Andrade hit a pendulum DDT on PAC on the apron. Andrade and Malakai got in each other’s faces once more as Black came in, allowing PAC to level things once more. Cody returned to the apron and took the hot tag, hitting the Bionic Elbow on Andrade and a disaster kick to Black. Cody hit a massive reverse superplex on Andrade, but could only get a two, before refocusing his attack on Malakai on the outside. Cody locked in the Figure Four, as PAC tagged in and hit a 450 splash, but Andrade got the ropes. PAC hit a tope, but Black pulled Cody in the way. Black booted Cody into the front row, as PAC spiked Andrade with the Poisonrana and a follow-up Black Arrow for the win.

Post-match, FTR and Tully Blanchard ran out for the attack, allowing Black and Andrade to leave with their heads held high.

Winners: PAC & Cody Rhodes

Britt Baker (c) vs. Tay Conti - AEW Women’s World Championship

Fozzy’s Rich Ward played Britt Baker to the ring, as the champ (with Rebel/Reba and Jamie Hayter) puts the gold on the line against Tay Conti.

Conti started strong, looking to wear down Baker, but DMD was on her game, with the two battling for the advantage. Hayter and Rebel shook Conti off the top rope, allowing Baker to assert dominance, slowing the Brazilian down with a series of slugging strikes. Baker went for Lockjaw, but Tay fought out, attacking Baker’s formerly broken hand, before hitting the running knee, and a series of huge pump kicks in the corner. Big springboard crossbody got a two, as Tay established her control on the bout. Baker fought back with a second rope neckbreaker, and hit a Seth Rollins curbstomp for two. Britt got the glove ready for Lockjaw, but Tay levelled her with a Diamond Cutter, before eating an Air Raid Crash on the apron from Baker. The two jockeyed for position in the ring, with Tay getting the TayKO for a close two. Shades of Minoru Suzuki as Tay hit the Gotch Style Piledriver, but again could only get a two. Rebel distracted the ref as Hayter levelled Tay, before Baker hit another stomp, this time on the steps.

A third stomp from Baker went into the Lockjaw, but Tay got the ropes before it was fully in, sending Britt to the outside, before taking out team DMD with a big moonsault press off the top as Britt walked away. DDTay in the ring got a very near fall, before Conti kicked Britt’s head in, but as Conti went to reverse a Lockjaw into a roll-up, Britt rolled into one of her own, for the win.

Winner, and still AEW Women’s World Champion: Britt Baker 

CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston

ROH/UFC style fight shorts for Punk, but before the bell even rings, Eddie levelled him as the crowd chanted his name. Loud duelling chants as this quickly turns into an all-out fight. The advantage swung between both men, with Punk noticeably booed as he hits Kingston with the ground and pound. Punk took Kingston down to the outside with a high kick and running single leg dropkick, but Eddie swung Punk into the ringsteps, opening up Punk. The crimson mask didn’t bother Punk as he came back with strikes, mocking Kingston with the spin-out suplex, but told Kingston to f*** off instead of hitting the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Three Amigos from Punk, but Kingston cut him off before he could go for the frog splash, telling Punk to f*** off, before a flurry of strikes and a superplex. The two regained their footing before launching into standing hockey punches, with Kingston levelling Punk with a standing enziguri. Kingston mocked Punk, and ate a GTS for his troubles, but Punk was too drained to follow up with the pin. Punk ducked a spinning backfist, and followed up with MMA strikes to a chorus of boos, before a second GTS got the win.

Post-match, Punk offered Kingston his hand, but Kingston swerved him and walked to the back.

Winner: CM Punk

The Inner Circle vs. American Top Team & The Men of the Year - Minneapolis Street Fight

Scorpio Sky and Sammy Guevara kicked things off, with the TNT Champion outpacing Sky with ease. A Dead Presidents inspired Proud and Powerful kept the advantage for Inner Circle, as Santana held a delayed vertical suplex, passing it off to Jake Hager to finish off. Andrei Arlovski got involved, slugging Jake Hager, and hitting a big Samoan Drop, before he and Junior Dos Santos hit a tandem shoulder block. Chris Jericho came in to hockey fight JDS to no avail, before eating a Davey Boy Smith style powerslam, vertical suplex, and a standing moonsault. Dan Lambert tagged in to run around and mock Jericho, but as Le Champion grabbed Lambert, things descended into an all out brawl, leaving Lambert alone with the Inner Circle.

Lambert ran off as the action spilled outside, with hockey sticks and topes coming in to play. Jericho got a cheap pop by attacking the heels with a wooden Prince Love Symbol, as the Minneapolis crowd chanted ‘Purple Rain’. The action resembled a classic ECW ‘bring your own weapons’ match, as plunder was flying all over the place. Back in ring it turned into a Proud and Powerful vs. Men of the Year slugfest, with P&P bludgeoning a trashcan sporting Ethan Page with hockey sticks. Combo Boston Crab/ Camel Clutch/Gory Special got a round of applause, as Sammy threw a pigskin at Scorpio Sky. 

Dan Lambert watched on as Jericho ran wild with a water ski, before dragging The Demo God outside. Huge Swanton from Sammy got a nearfall, and things descended into utter carnage all over the ringside area. P&P hit a tandem superplex on JDS, as Sammy climbed a massive ladder on the outside, hitting a Jeff Hardy WrestleMania 2000 Swanton Bomb onto Scorpio Sky through a table. Ethan Page harassed Jake Hager’s wife at ringside, only to eat an Iron Claw from the legendary Baron Von Raschke, and a cannonball into the fifth row from Santana. In ring, Jericho finally got his hands on Dan Lambert, but got wiped out by Dos Santos when attempting a Lionsault. Lambert went for a Boston crab, but Jericho nailed him and Dos Santos multiple times with a Singapore cane, before going all New Jack on Lambert’s groin with a stapler, before hitting a perfect Eddie Guerrero frogsplash for the win.

Winners: The Inner Circle

Tony Schiavone introduced the former two-time Ring Of Honor World Champion Jay Lethal. Lethal said he’d heard of the forbidden door, and now he’s found it, stepped through it, and Jay Lethal is now All Elite. Not only that, but he wants to take on the Sammy Guevara TNT Title open challenge. Guevara came out and accepted, and the two will clash on this Wednesday’s AEW: Dynamite.

Kenny Omega (c) vs. Adam Page - AEW World Championship

It all came down to this, would Adam Page finally land the big one, or would he choke once more?

Big street shot, as The Dark Order run through the Target Center, Hangman riding to the arena on his horse, while his greatest misses play on billboards all around him. Loud ‘COWBOY S***’ chants rung out as Hangman Page makes his way out, as the graphics team say they’re proud of him on his lower third graphic. The One Winged Angel himself arrived, as Kenny Omega strolled to the ring looking a million bucks, with Don Callis at his side, and we were on for potentially the biggest match in AEW history as the big match in-ring intros were made by Justin Roberts.

The Minnesota crowd were firmly behind Page, as the two lock up and exchange chops. Big strikes kick off the action, and it doesn’t take long for Callis to get involved, allowing Omega to get the advantage. The action soon spilled outside, with Hangman flattening Omega with a vaulting bodypress, and a vertical suplex. A thumb to the eye gave Omega an opening, and after some offence, Callis put some more boots to Hangman as Kenny distracted the ref. Kenny called for a Buckshot Lariat, but faked it, allowing Hangman to briefly come out swinging, before Omega resumed his attacks, hitting the Terminator dive to the outside. Hangman got knees up when Omega went for the Bret’s rope moonsault, and enjoyed his share of offence, capped off with a fallaway slam and an elbow suicida. Massive moonsault to the outside took Omega down, and Hangman took control back in the ring with a sheer-drop brainbuster for two. The two jockeyed for position on the top rope, before Omega crumpled Hangman with a springboard twisting Ligerbomb, planting Page on his shoulders. Omega followed up with a pair of snapdragon suplexes, and a third on the apron, before a V Trigger as Hangman looked out for the count.

Omega went for the One Winged Angel, but Hangman rolled through and hit a release German, however Kenny sprang up and hit a Tiger Driver 98 for a close two. Omega re-opened Hangman’s forehead after his vicious attack on Dynamite, but Hangman wouldn’t stay down, hitting an avalanche moonsault fallaway slam for a nearfall. Omega rolled to the outside, but Hangman had him scouted, crushing Omega through the ringside table with a diving clothesline. Hangman went for the Buckshot, but Omega crumpled. Hangman on a rush with a rolling elbow, and a pop-up powrbomb, but Omega pulled the ref in the way of a Buckshot Lariat. Don Callis went to hit Hangman with the title, but ate a punch, with Omega missing a belt shot and eating a Deadeye, as Aubrey Edwards ran down to count 2.9.

Both men exchanged standing strikes, with Hangman yelling “F*** YOU” as Omega peppered him with knees. Hangman caught the V Trigger, but ate another as he went for running strike. Rolling Elbow from Hangman led to a third V Trigger, but follow up Kawada kicks only fired up Page, who turned Omega inside out with a stiff lariat. A bruised Young bucks slowly walked to the ring, despite Hangman’s warnings on Rampage, with Omega and hangman exchanging Backdrop Drivers. Omega hit a V Triger when hangman went for Buckshot. Kenny went for One Winged Angel, but Hangman fought out and hit one of his own, but could only get two. The Bucks watched as Hangman hit two Buckshot Lariats, with Matt Jackson nodding at Page as he got the three to finally become AEW World Champion.

Winner, AND NEW AEW World Champion: Hangman Adam Page

The Dark Order came to the ring to celebrate with the new champ, as the crowd bellowed 'you deserve it', while The Bucks helped Omega to the back.

Full results:

  • Adam Page def. Kenny Omega (c) - AEW World Championship
  • The Inner Circle def. American Top Team & The Men of the Year - Minneapolis Street Fight
  • CM Punk def. Eddie Kingston
  • Britt Baker (c) def. Tay Conti - AEW Women’s World Championship
  • Cody Rhodes & PAC def. Andrade El Idolo & Malakai Black
  • Jurassic Express & Christian Cage def. SuperKliq - Falls Count Anywhere Match
  • Bryan Danielson def. Miro - AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Final
  • Lucha Brothers (c) def. FTR - AEW World Tag Team Championship
  • MJF def. Darby Allin
  • Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa def. Nyla Rose & Jamie Hayter - The Buy-In

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