AEW Plans For New Mobile Game Revealed

A New Mobile Game Is Set To Join AEW's Existing Library Of Mobile And Console Titles

AEW already have their sights set on another video game launch, days after the long-awaited release of Fight Forever. 

On June 26, the company filed a trademark for “AEW: Rise to the Top”. 

According to the filing (via F4W Online), the term can be used for “Downloadable computer game software for use on mobile and cellular phones.” There are currently no details on what the contents of the game will be or when it will be released. 

The promotion already has a number of mobile titles to its name. 

AEW Casino: Double or Nothing, a collection of casino games, and AEW Elite General Manager, a stylised wrestling management simulator, were both released in 2020. 

Another game, entitled AEW: Figure Fighters, was announced in June for a 2024 release date. That would make Rise to the Top the company's fourth mobile game, should everything come out on time.

On June 29, AEW finally released their first console video game, Fight Forever, almost three years after it was first announced.  

You can read Cultaholic’s review of the game here.

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Written by Jacob Simmons