AEW's Aubrey Edwards Says She Is Retiring Undefeated

Aubrey Edwards will end her AEW in-ring career at 1-0

AEW referee Aubrey Edwards made her AEW in-ring debut a week ago when she teamed up with Mark Briscoe and Papa Briscoe to take on the trio of Karen Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett, and Jay Lethal. She emerged victorious in her first AEW match, which makes her official all-time AEW record 1-0. 

In an interview with Battle & Eli on the Battleground podcast, Aubrey Edwards spoke on her in-ring debut, and explained that despite it being a good time, she never wants to do it again, and thus will be retiring undefeated.  

“They asked if I was willing to wrestle and I said, 'I can't even lock up correctly.' I'm a dancer. 22 years of ballet didn't teach me to do a headlock takeover. Those don't translate. Still physical but a very different form of entertainment. It just came down to, how could we play this up and have fun with it? It was really cool to get opportunities. I got to choke Karen out in a promo. I had a live promo on Rampage, which was insane. 

“It ended up coming down to the match, which was great. It felt really cool. It felt cool, the way we structured everything. I went over with the figure four because that's also Jay Lethal's move. So there's a little bit of meta-ness that long-term fans appreciate because they get it in the moment. It was cool. I'm glad it's over. I'm retiring undefeated. Not being able to walk for two days without pain. I never want to do that again.”

Edwards went on to explain how the match was the logical next step in the ongoing storyline, with it making all the sense in the world for her and Jarrett to face off between the ropes. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly